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Monday, February 23, 2015

I Need To Be Seven

I came across this old video of Lucas. I say old even though it was only 4 years ago, yet looking at him in the video and looking at him now it seems so many lifetimes in between. He was a month from being 3 years old in the video. I can't believe how rapid the change is when kids are growing out of that toddler stage.

It is so easy to forget the sound of their little toddler voice, the way the pronounce words ("bagetti"), the cadence and tone of their speech .

This video makes me smile all the way through, and laugh at several parts, for a number of reasons.

- When I ask him what he is having and he gives me this look that says 'isn't it obvious?' and says "bagetti too." Duh, mom.
- When he serves himself the 'bagetti' and then looks at me sideways to see my reaction and then says, "I threw it over there."
- When he says "oopsie I dropped it!"
- When he tells me with a serious expression, "You need to drink this."
- When he looks intently in the empty bowl, staring at it, as if he will be able to tell exactly what it was he made in that bowl.
- When he says the ice cream won't melt and almost in the next breath he implores me to "eat your ice cream for it melts!"

I thought it was appropriate to share today because in the video we talk about Kayla being in school and I asked him if he can go to her school. He says "Not yet. I need to be 7."

And today he turned 7. This boy of mine is now seven years old. He's growing up so fast and is quickly losing that little kid-ness about it. Sometimes I miss the toddler years and sometimes he does too. He sometimes says to me, like he did last night when I tucked him in and talked about him being 7, "I wish I could fit in your lap still so you could hold me."

Me too buddy, me too. I assured him that while he has mostly outgrown the size of my lap, my arms will always be able to hug him.

He has such a kind heart, thinking of others and leaving us sweet notes. I enjoy hearing him talk about living with Kayla when they are older. He's inquisitive and fascinated about learning so many new things. He's a voracious reader, much like I was except I don't think I started devouring books at such a young age like he does.

He cares about the world around him - wanting to use his grabber and walk around the block picking up trash. ("I'm never going to smoke or litter!")

He got a birthday eve visit from the tooth fairy - he lost his 3rd tooth last night. She left him a dollar a book for his birthday.

Happy 7th birthday to my sweet, handsome, kind, considerate, thoughtful, and loving son!

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gps said...

My 21-year-old daughter (who is several inches taller than me) still likes sitting in my lap. My 16-year-old rarely tolerates hugs these days. Lap-cuddling is a state of mind.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Anonymous said...

he can still sit in your lap!! :} loved the video and yes, his little voice and imagination. so in order to go to Kayla's school he has to be seven. "} Happy birthday, Lucas. Yes, he is all that you mentined and even more. love grandma

Mardra said...

YEA! What a great share and best wishes for his birthday. SOoo lovely.

Anonymous said...

Happy 7th! Smoking and littering are health-wrecking, polluting habits that no human being should ever take up.

krlr said...

Happy Birthday, Lucas!