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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Great Bike Giveaway

Last summer I posted about Kayla's progress with riding a bike and how fortunate she was to win a Strider balance bike in The Great Bike Giveaway.

She hasn't progressed to a pedaled bike yet, she hasn't wanted to get back on her bike since she started riding the Strider bike. I think with the Strider she feels more in control since her feet can be constant contact with the ground to maintain balance and to easily right herself. While I'd like to see her attempt pedaling again I'm not rushing it since she enjoys the Strider and has some independence with it.

Example: Last weekend was Lucas's 7th (say what?!) birthday party. He wanted it at a park and he also asked his friends to bring their bikes so they could have fun riding around. Kayla was able to join in on the bike-riding fun too.

The Great Bike Giveaway is happening now and I wanted to share this great giveaway with other families who might not know about it. This is a national contest for children with disabilities to enter to win an adaptive bike. Friendship Circle partnered with several adaptive bike companies to offer several different styles of bikes for the contest.

Read more about how the contest works and enter here.

1 comment:

Janet Sedano said...

I've entered my daughter into this contest. Reaaaly hope she wins!! Right now we use a tandem bike. She would love to learn how to ride her own bike. We've tried, but she's fallen so many times trying that she's scared. Does this bike you won have pedals?