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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

That's One Way to Save Money

In the past Lucas has talked about living with Kayla when they are adults. During one conversation he told Kayla she could choose if they were going to live in the same house or just be neighbors.

I'm not sure where this comes from as we have not talked to Lucas, or around Lucas, about Kayla's future living arrangements. We've never insinuated that she needs to live with us, or will need assistance to live as independently as possible. I'm sure she will need some supports in place, but that is as-yet unknown and not something we've brought up with either of our kids.

I don't think Lucas' discussion of living together with Kayla comes from him feeling any responsibility towards her; I think he just thinks that they are family and will always live together.  

Or he has other motives for wanting to live with Kayla.

The other day I asked them if they were still going to live together when they get older. Lucas was a resounding yes, and Kayla was more of a resounding no.

Lucas, "Yes! That way we can save money by not having to buy rings!"

Me, after much laughter, "Are you saying you want to live with Kayla because you will save money by not having to buy a wedding ring for a wife?"

Lucas, "Yeah because we can't marry our sister right?"

Me, "No you can't marry your sister. So that's why you want to live with her?"

Lucas, "Yeah, and other things."

Me, "What other things?"

Lucas, "Because I love her. And just other stuff."

And proof that he does love her with this message he left for her on her Boogie Board.

Then our conversation took a different turn.

Me, "What about kids though? Do you think you'll want kids when you're older?"

Lucas, "We can't have kids together right?"

Me, "No you can not have kids with your sister."

Lucas, "Even when we're adults we can't have a kid together?"

Me, "No, even as an adult. But you could adopt a child if you wanted a child by yourself."

Lucas, "Well can Kayla have a baby by herself? With no help from a male?"

Me, stifling my laughter, "Umm... she would need a male to make the baby, but no, she wouldn't necessarily need a male to raise the baby though. A lot of moms raise their kids without the dad around and some dads raise their kids without the mom around."

Me, "Kayla do you want to have a baby?"

Kayla, "NO!"

And, well, that was that!

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Kerri Ames said...

You just have to love how their minds work!

Anonymous said...

lucas and kayla are such delightful kids with their thinking. melts your heart what lucas wrote on his boggeyboard for kayla. saving money by not having to buy a ring. :} and kayla saying a definite NO to having any kids. } what a great conversation. love grandma/memaw

Henry said...

Tell Lucas that it is possible to be married and have your sibling live with you. My 33 year old brother Zack has Down Syndrome and lives with me and my wife. It was never forced on me to care for him. But when the time came 4 years ago for Zack to move after my mother decided to move into assisted living, Zack decided to live with me because it was closer to where we grew up than any residential living facility and we would allow him to keep his job(working at the day hab's bakery) and his friends. Zack is just a part of our family, he is not a burden in any way and both my wife and I love him and he will be a great Uncle come summer!

Janet Sedano said...

My daughter LOVES her boogie board. As a matter of fact, I've written about how she uses it on our blog.
I came across your blog from another blog, and I'm so glad I did. Saving this blog in my Bookmarks!
Oh, my daughter also has Down syndrome and we've been homeschooling her since the beginning.