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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sticky Love Notes

Unbeknownst to me Lucas found the "sticky notes" on the computer. He proceeded to type up 2 notes and was excited to show them to me.

I know he's just starting to learn typing at school; he's told me about learning some of the home keys starting with F and J.

So I know he's not adept at typing away on the computer; he doesn't know where all the keys are yet. I wonder how long it took him to type these 2 notes using the 'hunt and peck' method.

I'm glad that he's so secure in the knowledge that he is loved!

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Sabrina said...

That is just precious! What a kid. <3

nichole said...

Such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

amazing!! yep, Love is all around!! :} Look he even put periods.. you know, I still "hunt & peck". And I thought you meant the sticky notes that is actual paper and stick on the computer... oh well, that is your mom. He is one smart child..