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Friday, July 18, 2014

He'll Buy Her A Gluten-Free Dessert

On Friday night of the annual NDSC convention there is a welcoming reception (light desserts/cash bar) and a dance.

There were several types of chocolatey gooey desserts.

There was one gluten-free dessert: chocolate covered-strawberries.

Unfortunately for Kayla when we arrived at the reception all of those strawberries were gone. The server told me they must not have ordered very many because they weren't bringing any more out.

These gluten-free desserts were right on the table with all the other desserts. If they had a separate table for gluten-free desserts and it was something like GF brownies, or cookies, I have a feeling they wouldn't have been all gone. But being placed on the table with the rest of the desserts, and being chocolate-covered strawberries (doesn't just about everyone like chocolate-covered strawberries?) they were all snatched up fairly quickly. I was frustrated for Kayla because the plates of brownies that kept coming out had strawberries on the brownies and around the plate ... couldn't they have put some of those strawberries in some chocolate and replaced the platter of "gluten-free" desserts? The next offering was a cup of fresh fruit. Kayla really wanted some chocolate-covered strawberries. Strike out number 1.

For lunch on Saturday we were at the food trucks. One of the food trucks was a cupcake-selling truck. The lines were long at all of the trucks with the amount of attendees at the conference. Kayla kept asking for a cupcake. Being that she didn't get dessert the night before Joe went to ask if they had GF - they did. They had GF cupcakes, but they were all sold out. Strike out number 2.

Saturday night at the banquet: Kayla had a GF meal ticket. We get to our table and like all tables the dessert is already out. It's a bit of cheesecake in a cup. The server took Kayla's away once I showed her the GF ticket. The substitute GF dessert? Fresh fruit in a cup. Strike out number 3.

I don't have anything against fresh fruit. I encourage my kids to eat fruit whenever possible. I just felt bad for Kayla that she couldn't have a dessert that most everyone else was eating - again. I thought with having a GF meal and with this population, (increased chance of having Celiac disease) that there would have been a different option/substitution for dessert.

Lucas overhead Joe and I talking about the lack of gluten-free desserts and feeling bad that Kayla didn't get to have anything. I know this seems trivial, complaining about dessert, but I did feel bad for her.

Lucas came over to whisper in my ear because he said he didn't want Kayla to hear.

This was my conversation with him:

"I know what I can do with the $5 I got from the tooth fairy. Tomorrow I'm going to buy Kayla a gluten-free cupcake from that truck. And I'll get $1 back since it cost $4."

Tears in my eyes. Tears over how sweet and thoughtful and unselfish he can be.

I told him how very nice that was of him.

He said, "Well first I was thinking I could get her a bracelet (from one of the vendors in the exhibit area), but then I thought she doesn't really wear bracelets. So then I thought about getting something for myself. But then she didn't get to have anything last night or tonight and I did, so next I thought about buying her a cupcake."

May he always be this concerned and caring and have such a big heart.

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Sabrina Steyling said...

Lucas is going to make a wonderful husband for some lucky girl someday! What a huge heart he has. God bless him!

I Just Love You said...

What a sweet sweet kid!

Stephanie said...

That Lucas......he is a sweetheart!

RK said...

That's what we want from the sibs, isn't it? Selfless concern... I'm hopeful KiKi can grow in that area! I just really enjoyed getting to hang out with Lucas the little while I did. (And running into you guys everywhere it seemed!) You guys have done well with both your kiddos!

Anonymous said...

oh michelle, that brought such tears to my eyes. I feel Lucas will always have a big heart and compassion for his sister!! Yes he thinks about himself, which is natural, but it always comes around to trying to figure out what he can DO for kayla !! lovemom

nichole said...

He has such a great heart - good for him

Anonymous said...

Please write them to let them know about that!! Sooo important! And as a party planner, it helps ME to be reminded. Thank you.

&awww, Lucas is such a kind soul.