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Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Freebie

Ok I couldn't resist one more freebie - because this one is "while supplies last" and I didn't want you guys to miss out! Remember the Dawn sponge link where you voted for your favorite shape and then had the winning sponge mailed to you? I just posted a couple of weeks ago that we received the sponge...well now there is another vote going on.

Go vote for your favorite kids' water bottle style and the winning style bottle will be mailed to you. You have to register on their site in order to vote - but by being a member you get free product reviews and samples so it's win-win!

I just filled out the form for the Honeybar and it appears to be a worldwide offer as well...there is a drop-down menu to chose your country. So 2 worldwide freebies today!

For Worldwide: As seen in O Magazine, get your free Honeybar. These are cholesterol- and trans-fat-free, no preservatives, artificial ingredients, colors or flavors! They'll send you a free sample, plus a 40 cent off coupon.

For Worldwide: Get a free sample of Bionutrient Cream. There are 8 samples to chose from.
Click here for a description of what each cream is specified for different skin types.


amy said...

How do you find these things??/ great post as usual

PEA said...

Thank you so much Michelle:-) xox

Sue said...

I 2nd what Amy said.

By the way - am I losing it? I can't seem to find where you can register on their site. HELP!


Sue said...

Nevermind - I got it. :) Losing my mind tonight!

Nisa said...

ya know, I got an envelope from Dawn the other day with a postcard inside saying here's the new sponge, hope you like it; but there was nothing else in the envelope. Dang!

smileymamaT said...

The Honeybar sounds great. And yesterday's recipie sounds like a keeper for me. Going to try that. Yum! Thanks!

Mommy Spice said...

I love your blog!! And you little blueberry eyes is an absolute doll. I found you linked on someone elses blog and thought I'd stop by. Now I'm going to go check out the water bottle site.

A Special Family said...

I have soooo missed your blog! Thanks for the info on the products. Did you email me about some new products for worldwide? I am sure you did but can't find it!

Kathleen Marie said...

You have no idea how I enjoy your freebies. I so enjoy getting them in the mail and seeing what's new plus my daughter enjoys things as well. Hugs!