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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Medical Research in Down Syndrome

Down syndrome continues to be the most common genetic disorder and the least funded. There is so much to learn about the connections to the 21st chromosome and research is so important.

It's important not just to the individuals with Down syndrome and their families - but it is important in the general population as well. There is a huge connection with Down syndrome and Alzheimer and potential cures for Alzheimer can help the general population. There is also interest in researching in why people with Down syndrome are less likely to get certain cancers - like breast cancer - or more likely to be diagnosed with leukemia, but have a higher rate of survival.

Frank Stephens, a self-advocate, testified on Capital Hill regarding the importance of funding for Down syndrome research. It's important for his voice to be heard.

As he states, people with Down syndrome are "...a medical gift to society, a blueprint for research into Alzheimer, cancer, and immune system disorders."

You can also watch the testimony of Michelle Sie Whitten, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

What can you do as families? Have you registered with DS-Connect: The Down Syndrome Registry? You can connect with researchers and health providers and possibly participate in certain clinical studies.

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