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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sweet Caroline and the Red Sox

It goes without saying that I'm a Red Sox fan. Unfortunately for me, the local minor league team here in Charleston (the RiverDogs) are a Yankee affiliate. We have gone to several games though and the kids enjoy it. A few of those games the RiverDogs have played the Greenville Drive. The Drive happen to be a minor league affiliate of the Red Sox. So it's cool to go to a Boston/New York rivalry game - minor league style.

Greenville is only 3 hrs away so this summer we went to see a game in their stadium - which is built after Fenway Park - Pesky's Pole and the Green Monster to boot!

A tradition at Fenway Park is the singing of the (unofficially official) anthem of the Red Sox: Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. It's played at every game. They do the same at the Greenville Drive games, too. It's not quite like being at Fenway Park, but for living in SC it's as close as I'll get.

Kayla got into the song - and as you can see by the video - she makes a friend wherever she goes!


Adelaide Dupont said...

Balls on her fingers
Gloves near her toes
Kayla makes a friend
Wherever she goes!

And Sweet Caroline is marvellous.

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! what fun!! glad you were able to go to the field that replicas Fenway park. :} and yes, Kayla and making friends, not many people can say they feel comfortable around people they don't know. by the way, like the shirt Lucas is wearing, Boston, and Kayla wearing Red Sox :} love grandma