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Sunday, October 29, 2017

If I Could Go Back

Remember the online documentary about 5 roommates (4 with Down syndrome and 1 with Williams syndrome) in England called The Specials

Their website was recently relaunched where Seasons 1 and 2 are available to watch and they have a trailer to their new film they are releasing called "If I Could Go Back..."

It's a film geared towards new parents and made in corroboration with parents who have children with Down syndrome from around the globe, to include UK, USA, France, Nepal, Australia, Sweden, Spain. The parents are reflecting on their experiences and passing on some insight to new parents. If I could go back, what would I tell myself? I wrote myself a letter about that!

You can check out their Facebook page and YouTube channel, too.

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...


I will never forget THE SPECIALS.

The were introduced to me by Emma, a Brighton-grown woman who was in Greece with her son Dimitri who has Angelman syndrome, in 2010-11. She wrote "The Artistic Chicken" blog.

And Sarah Ely was a big fan of THE SPECIALS also.

Wonderful to see everyone's adventures and evolution into 2017 and beyond.