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Monday, October 30, 2017

Human Trisome Project

The Human Trisome Project is a ground-breaking research initiative into Down syndrome and researching the medical complexities that can accompany having an extra 21st chromosome.

I first heard about the vision for this project at a Global Down Syndrome Foundation medical round table discussion at the NDSC Convention a couple years ago - exciting to see it's up and running now!

The mission of this project is to "...significantly advance our understanding of several major medical conditions and human biology in general, enabling the developmental of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools to serve not only individuals with Down syndrome, but also the billions worldwide who experience conditions affected by trisomy 21."

This research will be the larges and most comprehensive of its kind helping to answer the questions of why people with Down syndrome are predisposed to diseases like Alzheimer but seem to be protected from some kinds of cancer.

They are currently enrolling anyone between the ages of 6 months to 89 years.

They are enrolling:
- people with Down syndrome
- people who have a family member with Down syndrome
- healthy people who don't have Down syndrome

Basically anybody and everybody can participate in this important research project.

Click here for more information and click here to get involved.

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