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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I Love the 80s

We were fortunate to spend another fun family weekend at Camp Victory Junction last weekend.

The theme was "I love the 80s!" How fun for me since I grew up in the 80s :) We were originally on a wait list to attend. A week before camp we found out another family couldn't attend so I didn't have much time to figure out our 80s outfits, but I think we managed ok with what we had.

Joe and I pegged our jeans and I scrunched up some big socks. An off-the-shoulder shirt with a big black belt and a side ponytail completed my look. It was easy to throw together Kayla's outfit- bright colors, denim jacket, big belt. Lucas was a little harder, but athletic/track pants seemed to be big for boys and he wore a shirt with ADIDAS since that was a popular brand.

I was disappointed with my hair though and that I no longer have the type of hair (ie no bangs!) to curl and tease and make big - haha!

We had a nice weekend away and I enjoyed not having to figure out meals for a couple of days and also not having to worry about what Kayla can eat. They accommodate for dietary needs.


Anonymous said...

glad you all had fun!! and love the 80"s look!! :} yea, the teased front bangs were quite the fashion statement! and not having to worry about fixing meals for a coupe of days ,is just wonderful. love mom

Adelaide Dupont said...

I remember when athletic track pants were big for boys - and girls too.

Then leggings became awesome in the mid-1990s.

And Kayla's outfit would have been stunning and great to dance in.

And also the skate look and the multi-colours were big.

As for eighties hair: I don't know that I was much of a fan. I loved rainbow wigs from agricultural fairs though.

And now you can get all into it again with STRANGER THINGS. There is another cool female character coming in for season 2.