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Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Beginnings

Last year was a new beginning for Kayla's school year. Not only was she transitioning from elementary to middle school, but we withdrew her from the public school and enrolled her in a welcoming, inclusive private school.

The start of this school year again brought new beginnings - for Lucas this time. Over the summer we made the decision to also withdraw him from the public school and enroll him in a private school that we felt would be a great fit for him.

When I envisioned myself as a parent I know I never thought I would make the decision to have both of my children in a private school. I always thought they would be enrolled at and attend the public school they were zoned for and that would be that.

After Kayla's experience and three years of school for Lucas we realized that public school just didn't seem to be the best fit for either of our kids.

We didn't make the decision about Lucas' school lightly and even up till the day of enrollment I, as I always do, was second guessing the decision. We did involve Lucas in the process making sure he had a say and that his feelings on the subject were heard and validated. I wanted to make sure he understood all the changes that would accompany this switch of schools. He was completely on board with it and had no qualms about starting a completely different school or of leaving his previous school.

He was very excited to start school and so far has been happy with the decision. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of 3rd grade for him!

Kayla was also very excited to get back to school ... she was ready at the beginning of summer! The first week or two of summer break she would ask if she had school the next day and I each time I told her no, it was summer break, she would pout and get upset. She loves school!

We are also looking forward to Kayla continuing the success she had in 6th grade with her 7th grade year!

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Anonymous said...

wow changes!! and they come around every year when pertaining to school. Kayla and Lucas have changed so much in their looks!! so very pretty and so handsome !!! glad the start of new beginnings/new school (3rd) seems to be working out for Lucas. And 7th grade for Kayla. :} Loved the pics of Kayla and Lucas !!! love grandma/ mom

CMSavage6 said...

I love the second picture of Kayla. Very, "really mom!"