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Friday, July 15, 2016

A Teenager In The House

Kayla is thirteen today.


I can't wrap my head around the fact that she is a TEENAGER!

How is it possible that I gave birth to a little tiny (6 lbs 13 oz and 18.25 in) human thirteen years ago?

I don't know what to do about this business of having a teenager in the house, but we will figure it out! It also means she is another year closer to becoming an adult and that is something that is happening too quickly!

She was so excited to become a teen today and has been anticipating this for well over a month. She got a room makeover in a new comforter set and curtains. It was time to retire the butterfly theme she's had for oh, about 6 years now! We've upgraded to something more teenish.

Last month she also got a new pair of glasses. Her first pair she did well with and they lasted 3 years. Her lenses needed a slight increase in prescription so she picked out new frames. This was a lesson in restraint for me in stepping back and not influencing her decision (as I did somewhat with my opinion on her first pair of glasses). She picked out her new frames and they are 100% perfect for her.

(Random thought: She still refers to Lucas as, "My Lucas" and I love it.)

I pray we have the strength and guidance to lead her through these next few years as she grows into adulthood ... I hope she finds her voice as a self-advocate, and that we can teach her to be independent, self-confident, and how to find - and make - her way through this world.

Happy birthday to my beautiful thirteen year old Kayla! May you continue to grow and learn and love the world around you and find joy in the every day things.

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Bonita said...

I remember when I first found your blog and was attracted to those big blue eyes. How did she grow up so fast???

She is such a beautiful young lady and the glasses are adorable!

Happy Birthday, Kayla!!! Have fun as a teenager!

For mama's sake, I'm praying these years won't go too fast. :)

Michelle said...

Happy birthday, Kayla! Love the new photos!

Anonymous said...

oh kayla Renae you are a beautiful 13 yr old teenager!!! and I really really like your new glasses!! they are so YOU and the pink frames look so pretty on you. You did a great job picking them out. Love the dress on you too. Hey, you are growing up to fast. Miss you and HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY. love grandma

Mom24 said...

Love this Michelle. Good luck on the next phase of your journey.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Happy Thirteenth Birthday, Kayla! You are as beautiful as ever, and those glasses look fantastic on you!

Mardra said...

Amazing!!! Yes, time slips right by. These pictures are so lovely!!!

Heather said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy birthday, Kayla!!!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is beautiful! A very happy birthday

Cindy said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday Kayla!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

She is beautiful! They grow up so fast!! Now the hard years start, teens lol. Happy birthday to her.

Donna said...

What a beauty she is, Happy Birthday! Love her new glasses, she has a good sense of style!