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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Treasure Hunt Book Review and Giveaway

I recently read and reviewed a book with my kids by Lady Jenniviere called Treasure Hunt. I received this book for free, opinions are mine and my children's.

Treasure Hunt is book four of six in the Lady Jenniviere's Quill Series. We haven't read the previous books but had no problems reading this book without reading the previous books; I think they are independent of each other and you won't miss out on information by not reading them in order.

Lady Jenniviere's books are geared toward the preteen/middle school age group Each of her books contain important messages that she wants kids to know such as "...life isn't always wrapped up in a neatly packaged happy ending." Her books encourage readers to use their imagination and she wants her books to show that "Life isn't always black and white...books illustrate the beauty of the gray parts."

Treasure Hunt is about a boy, Chase, who is looking forward to summer vacation on Sanibel Island; where he goes every summer to visit his grandparents. This summer he is especially excited about because he found an old book about the island that has a map of treasure buried long ago by pirates. He is determined to figure out the map and find this long-lost buried treasure and claim the riches.

Along this journey he encounters unexpected creatures who become his friends: a seagull, dolphin, alligator, turtles, and a mermaid. The imagination used to bring these friends to life really interested my kids, especially my 7-year old.

Chase learns several lessons throughout the book as they travel the island looking for the treasure, and in the end he finds something more valuable than jewels or gold.

I found this to story to be a light-hearted, adventurous, wholesome family book interspersed with life lessons. It was a refreshing read and I anticipate reading the other books in the series with my kids, too. Lucas said he really liked the book and characters, Kayla gave it a thumbs-up.

I have 3 copies of this e-book to giveaway. The winners will receive a code that they can use to get the book for free from Smashwords which can be downloaded to an e-reader.

Please leave a comment, making sure I can contact you, for a chance to win a copy. Winners will be chosen by Random.org.

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Cattsy Goldfinch said...

It looks like a great book! I'll add it to my "to-read" list on Goodreads! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

Nicole Mills said...

I would love a copy