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Monday, March 10, 2014

Magical Disney Side Birthday Party

Disclaimer: We received free products to host a Disney Side Celebration from Disney Parks and Mom Select. All opinions of said products and fun using products are our own. You can see the products we received on my previous post.

The day of Lucas' party was finally here and I had one excited boy in the house! He was counting down the hours with about 4 hours to go. Then with under an hour to go he took a seat by the window to wait for his guests to arrive. Oh the anticipation for his 'friend birthday party'!

The kit we received for free to host the party helped with all the planning and decorating.

We had the runners' cheer cards from ESPN ready to go. Joe used stencil to put guest names on each card and we had them set out on a table with markers, colored pencils and stickers for them to decorate when they arrived.

I had an old plastic bowling pin set that has Disney characters on the pins that I also set out to keep the kids busy. I was actually surprised at how much the kids were enjoying that - for a few of the kids that's all they wanted to do!

We also played Disney bingo with the cards that were in the kit while we waited for Mollie Magic to arrive and set up.

Then the real fun began with the magic show. The kids were entranced and so excited to watch the magician do all her magic tricks. That was the highlight of the birthday party for Lucas.

After that we used some props for some photo booth type fun.

For a snack I just made a chex mix snack mix, 'magic wands' (grapes on a skewer topped off with a pineapple) and instead of cake or cupcakes we used the Mickey shaped cookie cutters that came in the kit to make peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.

Lucas was very happy with his magical Disney birthday celebration and I'm glad it's finally over! I stress so much over having a party at the house and making it fun for the kids - I'm not a party-producing mom!

And now I only have 4 months before Kayla's birthday party - but I'm thinking of a movie theater party so that shouldn't be too stressful!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so glad his disney majic birthday party theme was a SUCCESS!!! :} I was happy to see the excitement and fun Lucas had and his birthday party guests had too !! You did it , Michelle. !!! whew! Love grandma