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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Disney Side At Home Celebration

Last September we were able to go to Disney World for the 3rd time with the kids. The first 2 times Lucas didn't really remember it. This last time he remembered it so well that he has frequently asked "When can we go back to Disney?" coupled with exclamations of "I can't wait to go back there again and ride Thunder Mountain!" and then this, "I wish we could LIVE at Disney." Needless to say it made quite the impression on him.

A couple of months ago I received an email to apply to be a host of a "Show Your Disney Side Celebration!" I thought my chances to get in on this opportunity were probably slim, but applied anyway. Especially considering that Lucas's 6th birthday is in Feb - right in the middle of the time frame to host the celebration - and the celebration could be any theme and for any reason.

I didn't mention anything to Lucas about the possibility, and after not hearing anything several weeks after applying I kind of forgot about it.

So when the time came to start planning a birthday party I asked Lucas if he wanted to have a magic show party - he started to become really interested in magic late last year and wanted a magic kit for Christmas.

Well he thought that was the best.idea.ever! for a birthday party.

Then soon after that came the email that I was selected to be a host of a Disney Side Celebration and would soon be receiving a large box of surprise goodies and supplies to host said party. Disney is all about the magic, right? This would be easy to incorporate a Disney Magic Show birthday party for my sweet soon-to-be (at the time) six year old. (His birthday has passed, but his party is this weekend).

There are a lot of ideas for recipes, themes, and activities. The party kit also included a Disney-themed bingo game that the kids can play while we wait for the magician to set up. 

He was excited to make this a Disney-themed party as well and couldn't wait to get the box to see what was in it that we could use for the party.

One of the items ended up being an early birthday present for him.

Now if only I could stop stressing out about his birthday party! I'm just not a party mom! But hopefully having all these supplies and ideas and activities will help the party run smoothly!

Thanks go to: Disney for the host package; American Tourister for the luggage, Haines for the plain white t-shirts, and HP for the photo card packs (I am going to attempt to have some props for some photo booth fun!). I received the products for free to host a Disney Side At Home Celebration; no other compensation received. All reactions and comments from my kids are their own :)

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