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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Now He's Six

It's hard to believe that six years ago this happened.

Childhood is so fleeting. You try and live in the moment, but before you know it a year has passed and you wonder where those moments have gone.

I look back at videos of Lucas when he was 2 and 3 and even though it was only a few years ago - I watch those videos and realize how much I've already forgotten about him at those ages. I've forgotten his cute little toddler face that is now all grown-up boy. I've forgotten that cute little toddler voice learning new words and speaking in broken sentences.

I watch the videos and wonder why I didn't film him all day long so I wouldn't forget how he was in those moments.

I wonder why I didn't take the time to truly cherish those earlier years and all the goodness that came with it; then I remember - because the 2s and 3s can be hard years, too! You hope that you can get through a day with no more than 5 meltdowns (from the toddler or yourself!). They can be hard years with a toddler trying to exert their independence and a spouse in Afghanistan. (Thank goodness for my mom helping me to keep my sanity!)

But the wonder of a child discovering their world is one of the greatest joys a parent can experience.

And it's been a whirlwind, fast-paced, wonderful six years of watching Lucas grow, learn, develop, and explore his world.

He's so inquisitive and filled with a thirst of knowledge for why things are and how things work. He's tender, kind-hearted, considerate, wise, sweet, and loving.

He still loves snuggling and I'm going to enjoy that as much as I can.

I was teasing him the other night by half-pretending to be sad that he was turning six. "Noooo...my baby can't be turning six. I'm not ready yet."

Lucas, "Why do you want me to stay 5?"

Me, "The same reason I wanted you to stay 4, and 3, and 2...you're my baby and you're growing up too fast."

As much as I wish he were still my little toddler following me around, still my sidekick as we spent the day together while Kayla was at school, I'm excited to watch him grow up and see the person he's becoming.

My little man.

Happy 6th Birthday, Lucas!

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nichole said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Anonymous said...

Happy BD Lucas!! Enjoy and cherish, as long as you can, that he still snuggles!!!:} As I know you do. when you all were here for christmas, this past year, he snuggled with me in the morning AND BOY I SURE CHERISHED THAT SNUGGLING. !! :} and he is all that you said about him. so handsome and he looks taller too!! love mom/grandma. I enjoyed going back in time,the pics of Lucas the day after his birth and Kayla with her baby brother.