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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas

I have such a hard time figuring out what to get my kids for Christmas. While I wouldn't say they are spoiled (they don't have all the latest electronic gadgets ... I have a Kindle that they can use and they share an old Ipod Touch that Joe's mom handed down to us, but they don't use either on a regular, daily basis), they do have plenty.

I have a closet full of toys that I need to purge from the house. They have books, puzzles, train table, Barbies, doll house, cars, balls, different kinds of building blocks, kitchen set with food that they still use, board games, dress up clothes, etc.

They don't ask for much either, so there isn't much that they say the want. Although several months ago Lucas was with me at Staples and saw the display of the "Easy" buttons. For some reason he thought pushing it and hearing "That was easy!" was the neatest thing. He's actually asked for that for Christmas. "I want the "that was easy!" button!" Well, ... that was easy! I haven't actually bought it yet; I'm not sure if my sanity can take hearing that going all day. But he has consistently mentioned it when talking about Christmas.

Kayla is getting the Our Generation Doll - Daisy mostly because I thought it looked like her with the longer blond hair and the glasses.  I think she will be excited to see a doll with glasses. I wasn't sure at first about getting this for her because she's 10 ... and I just didn't know if 10 year olds play with dolls anymore. But I put it out there on FB and it was an overwhelming "yes!" and there are several 9 and 10 year olds who are getting these type of dolls for Christmas. I think this will be a hit with Kayla.

Lucas recently went to a LEGO birthday party and received a little kit in his goody bag. He doesn't have any LEGOS, yet. Mostly because I knew it would (will) drive me crazy because they will end up all over the floor. But he has been having fun with this little kit, so I finally decided to get him a set. He also recently started asking about magic kits so he'll be getting one of those too.

If you're still looking for some ideas too I've recently blogged about the Switch and Go Dino, Boogie Board, Ziggle, uKloo, and We Sing 80s. Another idea for a stocking stuffer is this game called Tenzi. This is such a fun and easy game for the whole family to play. This is also helping Kayla with some of her vision exercises as she has to use her eyes together to quickly scan all of her dice looking for a specific number. There are multiple variations of play so you can change things up. This has been a big hit with our family.

What gifts are your kids getting? I know there are lots of ideas out there that I haven't thought of yet, and products I don't know about. So, please share!

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Kerri Ames said...

I am all set with Abby, but she is like your two. Doesn't really 'want' anything and is still playing with the stuff from 5 years ago! I'm having the most trouble with Boo. She isn't "into" anything and wouldn't even notice that all she has under the tree (at this moment) is a fleece blanket. I can see Christmas morning now. Abby asking how Boo got on the naughty list!

Cate said...

ooh, tenzi looks good! that is going on my list for sure. I don't have much to suggest - I am feeling worn out on toys and gifts right now. I will say that lego has not taken over our whole house. William keeps it in his room, mostly, and he has bins to store it in so it really is not all that bad. He loves it and will play for hours. I'm pro-lego. :)

Sabrina said...

Legos are awesome. Does your public library have a Lego club? The one library that I work at has a weekly Lego clubs where the librarian reads a story and then the kids can make stuff with Legos (provided by the library) about that theme. The kids love it!

Mom24 said...

Legos are wonderful. I'm surprised you've escaped them this long. Check out the Friends line for Kayla, she might enjoy those. This is the first year my kids are both asking for video games, Jacob want Skylanders Swapforce and Julianna wants Disney Infinity. Aside from that Jacob's really into Yu-Gi-Oh & Dungeons and Dragons and Julianna loves crafty stuff. Rainbow looms are big right now, she's also getting a wire craft jewelery kit. I got Julianna a boogie board, based on your recommendation, I think she'll really like it. Rounding Julianna out are a few small (ha!) things from American girl and I think they'll both have a nice Christmas. Good luck, it's hard when you don't know what to get them.

For Lucas, he might need to be a bit older, but Jacob and my grandson really enjoyed Snap Circuits, they're awesome.