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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

We Sing 80s Review and Giveaway

A Wii video game featuring 80s music? Growing up in the 80's I say: Yes, please!

I received a bundled pack of the Nordic Games We Sing 80's (to include 2 microphones) for review. 

Since my husband is also a child of the 80's I figured this would be a fun game for us to have for the Wii. If you were a child of the 80's you know you loved the music from that decade! This game has 30 songs including 21 that were worldwide number 1 hits. There is a good variety of mixed genre including songs by Cyndi Lauper, Paula Abdul, Smokey Robinson, Cameo, Queen, Tears For Fears, Lionel Ritchie.

There are a couple of big names not on the list - Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson - but maybe there are copyright issues and they couldn't use their songs.

I thought I knew a good amount of 80's songs, but there were several songs I didn't know.

I figured this would be a game that only Joe and I would enjoy ... not our kids. Of course we couldn't try it out after they went to bed because they probably would have woken up from our singing!

Even though my kids know nothing of 80's music they were very anxious and excited for us to break out the game ... and they wanted to play it too ... even though we kept telling them these are EIGHTIES songs and you DON'T KNOW THESE SONGS!

That didn't matter to them. They wanted the microphones and they wanted to sing. They had a blast. Since they lyrics scroll through on the bottom of the screen this is also a great way to increase reading skills and reading fluency. It's so funny to hear Lucas trying to keep up with the lyrics of the song as he's reading the words scrolling through the screen.

Kayla's favorite song seems to be "Boys (Summertime Love)" by Sabrina (one of those songs that I didn't know). It's not easy for her to keep up with the flow of singing the lyrics, so this one she can easily sing "Boys, boys, boys" over and over!

They've asked to play this several times and Lucas has told me that his favorite songs are "True Colors" and "Smooth Operator"! Another day we were driving and he hears on the radio station "the best hits on" whatever radio station it was and he says, "No, that's not right! The best hits aren't on that station. The best hits We Sing 80's!" I guess he's turning in to an 80's music fan?

You can play up with up to 4 microphones and there are several ways to play - solo, party, karaoke, 8 multiplayer modes, original artist with video plays on the screen. There are singing lessons, replay features, and 3 difficulty levels.

I already know that I have no musical talent and should only be singing when I'm driving (ha!) and this confirms that, but it also made me realize how many of the lyrics I actually don't know! I find it much harder to sing along as I'm trying to read the lyrics.

All in all my family has been having fun with this game and enjoying 'singing' together ... but I won't embarrass my kids (or myself!) with a video showing our non-singing skills. You can watch a trailer for the We Sing 80's game here.

Giveaway! You can win your own copy of We Sing 80's by leaving a comment stating what your favorite 80s song/musician/group is. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you're the winner. Winner will be chosen by random.org

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Anonymous said...

hey what funthat is!1 I know when I am riding in the car with you and joe you are playing songs from the 80's. love mom

Anonymous said...

My kids would love this game!!! Being a product of ZAHS, I'll have to go with a New Wave group and say Depeche Mode. That's probably not one of the artists on the game though, huh? LOL!


Astra said...

Would love to have that... :)

Chantal Holt said...

Oh my, my oldest and I still have fun in the car when we can find a station playing 80's...I was partial to Duran Duran myself. Hungry Like a Wolf.

Jamie said...

That sounds like Mary-Kate. She will pick out certain words in a song and sing those. :) BTW, I don't recognize that one song either.

Cate said...

this sounds fun! I don't know that I can pick just one band...I listened to a lot of alt stuff like the smiths and the cure. Which would not be a fun game! Maybe New Order? or the Psychedelic Furs.

Mom24 said...

Sorry. Life's been crazy lately. As a teen of the 80's I'd love to win this!! Thanks for the giveaway.

Mom24 said...

Whoops! Read for content. I love Queen, especially You're My Best Friend.