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Friday, October 25, 2013

Boogie Board

I don't know what it is about this Boogie Board, (sorry, link fixed!) but Kayla loves it.
It's not electronic, it's not battery-operated (there is a sealed watch battery that never needs replacing), there are no apps for it, no cartridges for it, no on-off switch.

It's simply a writing tablet with a stylus. Kayla loves to write, or more accurately doodle. I hate to say scribble, but I've mentioned before how much she struggles with handwriting. She loves having a pen and paper but she won't (usually) spontaneously write decipherable words, much less even letters, on her own.

She likes to make lots and lots of circles all over her paper. Which is why I got her a Spirograph Design Set so she could make cool designs with all those circles (but of course she doesn't use this as much as I thought she would).

But this Boogie Board? Loves it! Maybe it's how easily the stylus glides across the board. Maybe it's the fact that with the press of the little button at the top of the frame it instantly erases everything and you have a clean slate. I don't know what it is, but she's using it to do more writing than she did previously. Oh she still does a lot of doodling with it, but she independently writes more words with it than she does with traditional pen and paper. I've caught her several times copying down the title of books, or words from pages of the book. She'll ask me how to spell things and write them down. We've practiced math on it. She likes to have it in the car when I pick her up from school to go to vision therapy.

This is not a paid ad, or review. I saw it in some magazine (can't remember which one) and suggested it to my sister to get for Kayla's birthday. Lucas likes it so much that he might be getting one for Christmas.

Maybe this writing tablet/stylus tool might be useful to someone else out there who has a child who struggles with fine motor skills and writing. Maybe they might find the stylus easy to use as it glides across the board. Or you can use your finger too!
It also comes with a magnet so it could be hung up in a locker too.

I didn't expect Kayla to like it as much as she does; I was hopeful, but not expectant ... but it's probably her most-used gift ever!

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