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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Disovery Toys and Matching 3:1

If you read my blog I know it comes as no surprise that March 21 is known as World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). I blogged about it here.

WDSD is celebrated internationally on March 21 because the date, also written as, 3/21 symbolizes 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.

I am an independent consultant with Discovery Toys. I became a consultant when Kayla was 8 months old. I didn't sign up as a consultant for an extra/2nd income for our household (I don't kid myself on my abilities to be a salesperson!); I just really, really liked their products and wanted to get them at the consultant discount. I liked that they are durable, grow with the child, have more than one use, lifetime guarantee, and replacement parts.

I haven't been active since we moved from NM to MD and from MD to SC. As I said, I was never a consultant to make money!

I am going to donate 21% of all sales made from now through Mar 20th to Down Syndrome Research & Treatment Foundation.(DSRTF)

If you've got birthdays coming up, or like to shop ahead of time for the holidays, or if you are a teacher or therapist and are looking for some new tools/products to use ... take a look through the catalog and see if anything catches your eye!

Why donate to DSRTF? Because just like last year, all donations made on March 21 will be matched 3:1. So my 21% of total sales will be tripled.

Last year almost half a million dollars were raised for cognition research with the 3:1 matching donations.

There will also be a DS Cognition Research 101 webinar on March 21 at 10AM PT/1PM ET. Register here and learn about Down Syndrome Cognition Research - the science, the goals, and the results so far. Years and years ago no one thought it was even important, or worth it, to explore Down syndrome cognition. Now? There are clinical trials under way and researchers are making advancements toward treatments that could improve learning, memory, and speech for people with Down syndrome.

Research is already shedding light on improving neurological deficits.

Improvement in each of those areas would be so beneficial to Kayla ... more clarity in speech is always a good thing! Being able to communicate effectively and clearly is so important. If we could work on improving her cognition and memory she would be that much more likely to lead an independent life.

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