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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Homework Conversations

I was going over Kayla's study guide for the Antebellum Period with her.

I explained to her that free African-Americans had to wear tags on their shirts identifying them as free. Kayla said 'like me' me and I gave her a look that said I wondered what the heck she's talking about. A few seconds later I glance over at her as I notice that she is preoccupied with trying to reach something at the back of her neck. She was trying to show me the tag that is inside her shirt.

That connection worked because anytime I asked her "What did the free African-Americans have to wear on the shirts?" she immediately remembered "tags!"


They are studying Plant and Animal Adaptations now. The following was my conversation with Kayla:

Me, "When a whale swims to the south for warmer water is that hibernation or migration?"
Kayla, "(mumble)gration."
Me, "Hmmm? Which one was it? HI-bernation, or MI-gration?"
Kayla, "YOUR-gration."

She did that to me again that night when I tucked her in and asked her the same question. She pointed at me and said "YOUR-gration" in a voice that said I already told you that, Mom!

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Nan said...

too funny!!!!

Amber T said...

Clever little girl :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

love how smart kayla is!! love mom

I Just Love You said...

love the new header!!

Leah said...

Clever and hilarious!

Cindy said...

SO smart!!

starrlife said...

It's fun isn't it? Cute....