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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kayla's Picture in Times Square

We weren't able to make it to NYC for the NDSS Buddy Walk. I really wanted to see Kayla's picture when it showed on the Jumbotron in Times Square, but with everything we had going on this summer (and now that school has started) we just weren't able to make it happen.

Thank goodness for great friends! My friend Laura was there to see her son's picture and was able to take this picture for me.

I love it! I bet it looked amazing up on the Jumbotron!

One of these years we're going to get to NYC for the Buddy Walk!

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Anonymous said...

that is amazing. What a great friend to be able to take Kayla's picture showing in times square!! :) what day you will go there!! love mom

Lisa said...

awesome! Getting to NY for that buddy walk is on my "to do" list too! She looks perfect.

Heather said...

Your beautiful girl on the big screen again. I cannot imagine how that must feel, knowing that her beautiful face is out there spreading the beauty on behalf of all of our children, on the magic of that extra chromosome.

Isn't it funny how everything , time and otherwise, is defined by the events of our summers.

My birthday is Thursday. My mom called be on the the minute of my birthday, every year for the last 25 plus years. Boy, am I going to miss that,

ahoy.jenni said...

That is great! You must be so proud of her. Beautiful !

Laura said...

She's a star!

my family said...

oh i love this!