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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Generations of Red Sox Fans

Last year, in a post about my grandfather, I explained why and how I became such a big Red Sox fan. I mention my father's love of the Red Sox in his eulogy. In fact, my father chose his outfit that he wanted to be buried in and it was no surprise that it was a Red Sox jersey and hat. (On a side note, I can't believe both my grandfather and father are now gone.)

Last year, as part of the 100th Anniversary celebration, the Red Sox had a brick program where fans were offered the chance to order engraved bricks, to be placed in Fenway Park.

What a great surprise this would be for my dad. It took me awhile to come up with what I wanted to put on the brick; and of course I was limited on space and how many characters.

I finally came up with this:

The Beausoleils 
Generations of
Red Sox Fans

My dad never got the chance to see the actual brick where it lies in Fenway Park, or a picture of it. But he did know about it - he received a replica brick last year. I think he was pretty proud of it.

 Last week my sister had the opportunity to attend a game at Fenway Park (we won't talk about just how jealous I was of that!)

I sent her the location of the brick: Dave Roberts section, Gate B, Section 12B and she found it for me.

One of these days I am going to get my kids to Fenway Park for a game.

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Kerri said...

And hopefully they will play better. It has been a hard year for us fans. Although with Jason V becoming management I am sure next year will be MUCH better.

On a serious note, what a great tribute to your dad. I will make sure to stop by the next time we are up there!

nichole said...

Such a great tribute - I know some day you'll make it to Fenway. I know Kayla and Lucas would love it - especially if they get to meet Wally.

Anonymous said...

Actually you don't need an 's; it's simply a plural!