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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Everything and Nothing

Several times a day Lucas will ask me questions like:

"How do you know I did that?"
"How could you see that?"
"How did you hear that?"
"How do you know that's what it was?"
"How do you know what I was doing?"
"How do you know this, that, or the other?" (fill in the blank)

My response has gone from "I just do." to "Because I'm a mom and moms know everything."

Yesterday I went upstairs to see what he and Kayla were up to and I immediately walked to the cottage playhouse where they were both inside. Later Lucas asked me, "How did you know we were in the house?"

This time I answered him with how I knew, "Because I could hear the songs coming from the book Kayla had."

"How could you hear that?"

"Lucas, what do I always tell you? I'm the mom and moms know ...." I trailed off waiting for him to finish my usual sentence.

He finished it with "nothing!" and then laughed.

Later he asked me, "Where is the book?"

Not knowing what he was talking about I said, "I don't know."

My quick-on-his-feet son answered, "Yes you do! You know everything!"

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Sabrina said...

LOL busted! ;)

ckbrylliant said...

Funny, that little guy!!!

lovemy3 said...

Sounds like our house!

Becca said...

Seriously, that kid has the BEST stuff coming out of his mouth!!! Love it!

Kristin said...

Haha - my daughter tells me that all the time - I thought you knew everything. So now I just make stuff up!