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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Wedding

Back in April I posted about my sister's fiance having to go to Japan and the possibility that he might not be back in time for their June wedding. I'm happy to say that he did get back in time and they did in fact get married on their planned wedding date of June 4th.

We were gone last week for a vacation in Massanutten, VA before the wedding. We were all in the wedding - bridesmaid, groomsman, flower girl, and ring bearer.

The kids did great walking down the aisle with just a little confusion when they got to the front. Whispers of "Lucas go over to daddy, Kayla come here to me" could be heard. They did great standing up there, quietly, with one exception of Lucas looking over to see Kayla, putting his hand up in a wave and in a loud whisper saying, "Hi Kayla!"

Kayla got out and boogied on the dance floor the whole time. She's got better moves than me! She kept up with the line dancing they did, following everything her Aunt Kelly was doing. She's such a little ham!

And when I say she wanted to do everything Kelly was doing, I mean everything. As soon as Kelly vacated the chair where she was sitting after Timmy removed the garter, Kayla got right up on the chair and expected Timmy to do the same with her. Oh my! One of my mom's friends got a great photo of Timmy kneeling beside Kayla with her arms crossed and pouting because he wasn't removing a garter from her leg! I can't wait to get the photo from her.

Here are some photos from pre-wedding preparations:

Princess Kayla getting help with her dress:

Hugs for grandma:

My little man looking so handsome:

I feel like his sneakers stand out in this picture and I must make a disclaimer: his dress shoes were put on in the limo :)

My beautiful sister, the bride:

Enjoying the limo ride:

Right before the walk down the aisle...

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Amy Flege said...

what a beautiful wedding michelle!! looks like it was so much fun!! i love that picture of kayla and your sister in the limo:)

Ruby's Mom said...

Great pictures! Your sister looks beautiful!

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures!!! So glad her husband made it back for the wedding!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha! you forgot to mention that Kayla also took her cupcake & sat in my seat at the table to eat it! =) so adorable!
miss you guys!

Corey~living and loving said...

What a beautiful little honey. :) I'm glad she loved it so much.

Trace said...

Awww everyone just looks so beautiful!! :)

Mom24 said...

So precious! Everyone looks so beautiful. I'm glad they got to have their wedding and hope his deployment goes by quickly and safely.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I love weddings and this looks like yall were having fun