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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Welcome To The Military

When you marry someone in the military you quickly become familiar with the phrase that you are, "married to the military." You don't just marry the military member - you've married into the military. You're part of the military family, but in the bigger scheme of things - the military comes first.

Especially in this time of war and conflict and other world events you realize the military comes first. Your spouse will miss out on birthdays, holidays, births, and even funerals.

Another phrase (which isn't quite used so much nowadays) is: "If the military wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one." 

My sister is engaged to a Marine. They are scheduled to be married Jun 4th. The unit he's with isn't scheduled to deploy so they felt pretty comfortable setting and planning for that date.

Before my sister has even married into the military, she's becoming indoctrinated to the military way of life.

On Friday her fiance left for Japan. His unit is providing support/helping the Japanese out with that "little" nuclear problem. They 'may' be gone for about 60 days. Which is just about when their wedding is scheduled for. Of course there is no guarantee that he'll be back by Jun 4th. Or he could be back in plenty of time. No one knows. Another guy in his unit is/was getting married in May. I'm sure he won't be back in time for his wedding.

How do you plan around a maybe? Of course they already have a lot of details locked in for their wedding date - you know you have to do that stuff months in advance.

That's when I told my sister of the phrase, "If the military wanted him to have a wife, they would have issued him one." 

She's actually handling this pretty well; all things considered! The place where they are getting married (same as their reception) is being very understanding and is 'holding' another date for them as a back-up date. So if he doesn't get back by Jun 4th they know they at least have that 2nd date available to them. But it's still hard for all their guests to plan for 2 dates.

Welcome to the military, Kelly!

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Bailey's Leaf said...

So glad that she understands, the hall understands and all of you have good humor about it.

Not at all the same, but my husband is a park naturalist. He's missed holidays and birthdays, but of course still lives here in this house and isn't deployed. I've attended so many things on my own, but people have come to know that it is just the way his schedule runs.

When the day does come, I'm sure that her day will be wonderfully gorgeous!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

so happy to hear the wedding and reception sites are being so understanding about the date needing to be flexible for their wedding - but as you said, how easy is it to plan with a "maybe" for the date of your wedding! hope they are all safe as they go to japan to help!!!