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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Magnolia Plantation

One of the last places we went to using our Be A Tourist pass was Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. I thought the kids might like going there because of the Petting Zoo ... which turned out to be a big hit with them. It was very interesting to take the little train-tour and learn about some of the history of Magnolia Plantation. (The original Swamp Thing movie was filmed there!) The grounds were beautiful, but unfortunately, being January the gardens were not in bloom and colorful.

It was a bit chilly the weekend we went, but we still had a great time!


This is one of the slave houses. If I remember correctly, one of the sons of a former slave grew up in this house, married and raised his own kids in this house - living there until the 1960s. And I think one of his sons continues to be employed at the plantation now.

The white wooden bridge is one of the most photographed wooded bridges.

From the pictures on the website it looks gorgeous there in the spring - I need to go back to see everything surrounded with flowers!

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my family said...

looks beautiful...Im just catching up on your blog from the past week...so sorry to hear of your loss

Nancy M. said...

So beautiful! I'll bet it would be pretty about right now.