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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Be A Tourist

Shortly after moving here Joe told me that some of his co-workers told him about Be A Tourist. The family pass is $50 and it allowed up to 4 people free admission to 28 attractions in the local area and discounts (usually buy 1 get 1 free) at restaurants. $50 for admission to 28 attractions is a huge savings - even taking in to consideration the military discounts that are offered.

This sounded like a great way to find out more about what our new city offered for attractions. You could only buy the pass starting in Oct (I think) and through the end of Dec. The 'catch' was the pass was only good through the month of Jan. There was no way we could get through all 28 attractions (and we didn't even visit any of the restaurants) in one month. So I told Joe if we are going to buy this pass we are definitely going to get our money's worth from it, i.e. we will be going out and doing something every weekend in January!

That pass sure did keep us busy throughout Jan... and we visited a few places we probably wouldn't have otherwise. I like the idea of this pass and enjoyed getting out and about. I just wish we had more than one month to use it. It was hard to pick and chose which attractions we were going to see and the weather in Jan was a bit cold for some of the outdoor places.

One of the first places we went to was the Carolina Ice Palace to take the kids ice skating for the first time.

A few places we went:
Tour of the H.L. Hunley: The first submarine in history to successfully sink an enemy ship (USS Housatonic). Right after its successful mission the H.L. Hunley disappeared and never resurfaced.

We're in a replica sub turning the crank to see how they powered it back then.

Fire Museum and Educational Center:

Waiting for the bird demonstration to start at the Center for Birds of Prey:

Enjoying one of the few warm-weather days we had in Jan at Wannamaker Park.

Other attractions have enough pictures for their own blog posts ... coming up soon!

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my family said...

oh what fun!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Michelle!! I mean in buying the $50 pass!!! I quess that is one way to get people to see the attractions and get out to eat. January is probably not a busy month for tourist to sightsee and such and besides being COLD and etc. At least you got to see moe of SC... :) you are to funny!! love mom... the pics show Kayla and Lucas having FUN

Mom24 said...

Wow! Good for you! Looks like a lot of fun.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I love these pics and the fun yall had :) I like birds of prey too

Nancy M. said...

Sounds like an awesome deal! Glad you were able to use it as much as you could. Maybe they'll have it again and you could visit some more! My hubby is wanting to take me to Charleston for a weekend getaway with no kids! Sounds good, but we'll have to see.