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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month and Woodbine House is having a 25% off sale on a few books dealing with kids, special needs, and Celiac disease.

I'm interested in the Incredible Edible Gluten Free Food for Kids cookbook. I feel like I've hit a wall with ideas for meals; especially lunch and snacks, for Kayla.

My kids must hear about 'wheat' quite often, and what Kayla can and can't have based on a conversation overheard recently.

Kayla and I returned from the store and when we walked in the house Lucas was eating crackers. He was going to share some with Kayla but then he said to Joe, "Daddy, do these have wheat?"

Melted my heart that he was so concerned whether the cracker had wheat or not before he could share with Kayla. Also impressed that he thought to even ask about it instead of just giving her one! I guess he's heard us enough times say something along the lines of "No Kayla, those have wheat." Or, "Those are for Kayla, they don't have wheat."

I hope he'll continue to grow up being a loving and caring brother who always looks out for his sister!

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Mom24 said...

That is so sweet. :)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I bet he does always look out for his sister. Well after they get through the arguing stage :)

Anonymous said...

oh! that's so sweet! see ya'll soon!
(oh - tell kayla she's getting a special crown for her dress)
and what can we get for lucas?

Kristi said...

Thats sweet!!! Thanks for sharing..ill have to check it out!!!!