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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be A Tourist, Cont.

Continuing on with the places we visited using our Be A Tourist Pass...

We spent one windy day downtown Charleston and were able to hit 3 spots on the BAT list.

First stop: Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

Then we walked over to the Old Slave Mart Museum.  Such a somber place to walk through. I wish I had more time to slowly walk through and read all there was to read, but it was hard to do with the kids.

This lady was a hoot though. She was at the front desk and when we first went in she talked to the kids 'sternly' - but in a nice way. Definitely wasn't mean or anything, just letting them know the rules. She was telling them not to touch things and they had to stay with mommy and daddy. And she showed them she was giving us lollipops to hold until we got out. The kids were so serious-looking listening to her talk.

When we were upstairs Lucas turned and banged the side of his head on the corner of a glass display table/case. He started crying and as quiet and small as that place is his cries carried throughout. When we got back downstairs she called Lucas over to sit on her lap to find out what happened.

She gave him some lovin' and then pulled out a handful of lollipops and stuffed them in his coat pockets! Too funny. Lucas didn't know what to say about his bulging pockets! Then she called Kayla over and asked her if she wanted to get some more lollipops too, and my sweet, innocent child carefully reached her hand in the bucket and pulled out one single lollipop. The lady was shocked and asked Kayla if she was sure that one was all she wanted and Kayla said "yes!"

Then we walked a few blocks to go to the Powder Magazine.

Lucas asked if this was a 'chocolate' tree! Can you imagine?! Somedays I wish there were chocolate trees!

We ended the day by walking down to the water where there was a cruise ship in dock.

I never thought we would be wearing hats and gloves in Charleston, but brrrrr the wind was chilly that day!

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Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the pictures and your commentary on your "walking tour". Lucas and Kayla in the museum and listening to the lady and than Lucas bumps his head, the lollipops and Kayla was satisfied with One!! You did you COLD!! BRRR
thanks for sharing... love mom/grandma.. Oh the chocolate tree!! yes, I wish we had some in our backyard... for those days when chocolate makes life a little easier for a moment..

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I see your trip was fun filled. Yes, we had a few cold snaps even in the south! Glad you made memories