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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A House For Mouse

Lucas loves our bedtime routine of sitting together and reading books. His favorite book to read by himself was Blue Hat, Green Hat. He gets such a kick out of that book.

Now he's starting to read several of the sight word books and his favorite right now is A House For Mouse. It's part of a series of books I ordered for Kayla from Scholastic.  He's starting to recognize a lot of the words outside of the book too. He also realizes the spoken words goes along with the words he is pointing to on the pages. He's so funny when he messes up a word, shakes his head, tries to get the right word, and finally just starts over on that page.

About his 'favorite' word: sarcophagus ... it's in a book we have and the first time we read it we both thought it was a silly word to say. It became a joke that it was his favorite word to say.

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Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Oh my sweet, sweet friend thank you for sharing such sweet joy. Lucas is just that a joy ... I love to watch children when they have captured the "art of reading".
You are blessed.
I know Miss Kylan is enjoying hearing brother read too. God bless both of those Big Blueberry Eyed children of yours and their mommy too.
Hugs too,

Bailey's Leaf said...

I didn't get to hear him in action, but some other good books to try with him are Bob Books. I don't know if you have them, but they are a series of books that are small enough for a child to read in one sitting, progress from easy to hard and they find the stories funny. K- also worked with something called Animal Antics and that has worked very well, too.

I remember the first book that K- read to me. Made my heart all warm inside.

What a great thing for him and a wonderful thing to share!

Our funny word? Ootheca! We learned all about the Praying Mantis at a kindergarten nature program. The naturalist sang Ootheca to us and it still makes us laugh. (K- saw me typing it, sang it and giggled her way out of the room.) You can't help but to laugh. Ooooootheca! :)


Anonymous said...

Lucal always the character... and he wants to make sure he gets it right...and than pretends he doesn't know the word...I enjoyed listening to him read and I even followed his finger while he was pointing to each word.. :) love mom/grandma oh Loved the part where he stated "he was not ready yet"