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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Lucas's Turn

Last month was all about Kayla; well ok not ALL about Kayla, but a lot about Kayla and Down syndrome in general.

Time to do a quick post on Lucas. I was going to do a post on his speech and language development and how it just blows me away sometimes. Although I'm sure his speech is pretty typical for a 2 yr old - it's just 'comparing' him to where Kayla was at that age blows me away. But this wasn't going to be about Kayla, so ...

The other day he dropped a pencil and Kayla was going to pick it up for him, but he started to throw his little mini fit because he wanted mommy to get it for him. I stood there by the table and stretched my arm towards the floor and told him, "See, I can't reach it." He looked at me and said, "Bend you self down."

Sometimes I drive around our neighborhood until he falls asleep (because he will not take a nap anymore unless he falls asleep in the van). So I was driving up one street and down another but he just wasn't falling asleep. He asked me, "Mommy where are we going?" and I replied, "Oh, we're just going home now" since I gave up and was headed home. He said, "You just driving round and round in circles?" Um...ya got me kid!

I need to start writing the stuff he says down because he makes me laugh every day with what he comes up with ... and I forget half of it by the end of the day! I wonder where he comes up with this stuff and even some of the words that he uses - makes me wonder where he's heard them or how he knows what they mean to use them appropriately.

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Beth said...

That sounds like Brooklyn - I swear that child was born talking! By 2 yrs she was talking in 4-5 word sentences! I keep thinking Brady is so late in his speech development because he isn't talking that much (and will be 2 in Dec), but he is starting more and more...I try not to compare - but it is hard not to!

Lucas sounds like a funny little boy!!!

Erin said...

I love this stage when they first start understanding speech but not completely. They say the cutest things! I love how he called you out on driving in circles, smart boy!

Anonymous said...

haha! that is priceless ... you should def. make a quote book of the random funny things they say. =)

<3 Kelly

a teacher asked her class "what does a cow say?" & my buddy's daughter (i don't know how old she is) responded "eat more chickin"

Christina said...

Awh he is such a smartie!!!!