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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday

5 Minutes for Special  Needs 
 We went to Chick Fil A for their Halloween thing and the kids both had their faces painted like pirates:


 And here they are on Halloween ... to anxious to get going so I couldn't get a good shot of them together!

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Mom24 said...

That's so cute, but the thought of trying to take it off makes me cringe. :)

The Munck Family said...

Looks like 2 cute pirates!

Love their costume choices, the couldn't stand still cause they were ready for candy;)

The Henrys said...

Nice makeup job, but I also cringe at the thought of getting that off. How did you get them to hold still long enough?

Mel Fraase said...

Is that little pirate wearing scrubs?! Cute costumes!

Johnna said...

I love looking back on photos of mine in costumes!! Hope it was a fun night.

Lacey said...

Chick file is always doing cute stuff here too. They look great!

Alison said...

Thats a couple of cute pirates you've got there!!

SoCo mom said...

Those pirates are very ... Arrrrrrr!!!

Love the feeling of motion in the last one. What great costumes -- I hope you had a great evening!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Beautiful pics. I just love getting my Kayla pic fix xo

Christina said...

Soooo cute!! They made some good little pirates!

Anonymous said...

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