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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Freebie

Freebies received: Publix Preschool Pals

- Fill out the form for a free Greena Air Freshener.
- Get a free tub of Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes for you and a friend. (Canada and USA)
- Request a free sample of Ginnero chocolate.
- Fill out the form to get a free sample of Cold-Eeze.
- Choose your free sample of a Kashi TLC Snack.
- Download this free ecookbook - 42 Easy Gluten-Free Recipes.
- Join Coldstone for the 9th Annual World's Largest Ice Cream Social on Sep 30th and get a free Kate's Creation ice cream.
- Get a free sample of Quaker Life Soft Baked Bars.
- Fill in the form for a free sample of Fix Energy Tea. (USA, Canada, Australia).

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1 comment:

my family said...

Hey Michelle,
Ive been sick all week but I read the other day that you went to the Atlanta con. I was there too! I am so bummed we were in the same room for two days and didnt get to meet. Wasnt it great though? I really need to sit and type up things I learned,I loved it