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Monday, September 20, 2010

So I Don't Forget, Part II

After I did the post So I Don't Forget, I kept a draft (started way back in January!) of more snippets from the kids I wanted to 'not forget'.

Kayla to Joe: "I missed you Daddy!" Joe: "I missed you too Kayla." Kayla: "Awww, thank you Daddy!"

Kayla to Lucas, "I tire of it! Tire of it Lucas!" (yes, she gets that from me when I tell them "I'm tired of it, just tired of it!)

Lucas saying "My do it!" Or his latest phrase that he picked up from Kayla "I do it by self!" Other phrases: "I got it!" "No, let me do it." "Let me have that."

Kayla: "What's that?" Me: "It's an ambulance." Kayla:"Oh ambulance, yeah. Lucas, say ambulance." Lucas, "ambuance." Kayla, "good job Lucas!"

Lucas playing with blocks: "I making something" - another phrase he picked up from Kayla.

Lucas pronouncing Kayla like Keeyla and Lucas like Dudas.

Lucas saying scoop for scoot.

Kayla, "I need a dand-aid" and Lucas replying, "No Kayla! Band-aid!"

Lucas, to Kayla, "I can't have dat. Dat have wheat. I can't have wheat."

After asking Lucas if he wanted oatmeal for lunch he grinned at me like that was so silly and said, "No oatmeal lunch mommy. Sammich lunch!"

"Lucas your manners went out the window!" Lucas, "They outside? I need go find them."

"Lucas don't play with your drink" (he was blowing bubbles in it). Lucas, "No I not playing. Dere a spider in my mouth. I trying get it out."

Lucas's response when told to stop poking a finger in his sandwich, "Dere's a ant on dere. I getting it off."

"Lucas you are all wound up." Lucas, "What? Me? I wound up?"

Lucas could hear a truck as we were walking around the block. When we turned the corner it wasn't there so he asked, "Where truck go?" I said I didn't know. He replied, "It must be around here somewhere!"

Lucas saying "I want, I want, I want" and Joe replying, "What do you want? Do you want me to hold you and cuddle you and hug you and kiss you?" Lucas replied, "Noooo! Not that!"

Lucas saying "yours and mines"

Kayla, waving her wand over Lucas and saying, "Lucas, you Snow White dead." Lucas, indignantly saying, "I NOT Snow White dead!"

Going over sight words with Kayla, she came to one she wasn't quite familiar with yet, so I said it was "down" and she repeated back to me "down" then paused and said "syndrome! Down syndrome! Like me! That's me!"

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Jaimie said...

They're all cute and funny, but I think the last one is pretty great!

Anonymous said...

seeing and hearing the "inside" of Kayla and Lucas.. priceless!! funny, comical, serious! please print more!! Kayla and Lucas , they are one of a kind!! :) love mom/grandma

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

such cute "so i don't forget" phrases/moments!!! love them!!!

nichole said...

Such cute phrases from your kids. I'm glad you are writing them down - and sharing them with us too.

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

LOL!! I love the things kids come up with. My favorite from the girls lately,
"Emmy, are you a Princess?"
"No I emment, I'm Emily." HAHAH!

Kelly said...

Kids really do say the darndest things! I LOVE it. Thanks for the laughs!!

Mom24 said...

So cute! You're very smart to write them down. It's hard to believe that one day you'll need help to remember these things, but you will.