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Thursday, July 30, 2009

So I Don't Forget

Trying to prompt Kayla to say "baseball" by saying "baaaase..." and she replies 'ment!'

"Kayla are you having fun... (yeah!) on our vacation?" "Bible school!"

"Mommy I go back a hotel." "Why do you want to go back to the hotel?" "Push elevator!"

As she was putting on her sandals I heard "oops, sorry Mommy." "For what?" "Wrong feet" then a little giggle, then "there, it's better."

"Kayla, what is your bear's name?" "Two." "Your bear's name is Two?" "Yes!" "What is Lucas's dog's name?" "Three!"

"It's better" and "I so happy!" are her new 'phrases of the moment'.

Phrases Kayla learned from her Aunt Kelly: "Gorgeous darling." "Hey girl hey!" "Pi love" (her sorority greeting). Lucas tries to imitate the hand motion and say "Pi love" too.

Passing a church Kayla yells out, "Bible school!"

Lucas and Kayla are sitting side-by-side reading books. Kayla looks over at his book and notices it is upside down. She takes the book out of his hand while saying "No Lucas. Turn around." She turns the book around, puts it back in his lap and says "like this."

Lucas imitating Kayla by saying "I do!" complete with putting his hand up in the air.

Lucas, again imitating Kayla, by trying to say "I want more water please" and on saying the word "I" he points to his eye. When he wanted juice after dinner we had him ask for it several times just to watch him say "I", point to his eye, sign 'want', say 'juice' and sign/say 'please.'

Lucas hit Kayla and my mom and I told him to tell Kayla 'sorry' which he wouldn't do (sometimes he will sign it), so Kayla went over to him, put her fist on his chest, signed sorry and as she walked away she said "Thank you Lucas."

I was putting lotion on Lucas and said that he smelled like a baby again; Kayla came over to sniff him. So then I put some lotion on her and asked, "so you can smell like a baby too?" She replied, "No! Lucas a baby, Kayla big girl."

The way Lucas crouches down to look at a bug and says "eeewww."

Skype-ing with Joe and Lucas giving him 'high-5s' on the computer screen; and leaning in to the compuer trying to give his daddy a kiss.

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The Girls' Mommy said...

I would totally LOVE to hear her say "Gorgeous Darling"! That's a riot!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful memories!

Mommy Bee said...


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

lol! I just love the way siblings interact. (Most of the time.) :)

Thanks for sharing such great memories!

nichole said...

Thanks for sharing - those are great memories!

RK said...

Precious... I SO need to do this also! I'm afraid I'm missing documenting too much...

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Awww, sweet memories.

Hey, what's with the signing that everyone is teaching babies these days? My daughter-in-law is doing that with my granddaughter, too. I'm just curious as to how and why it's become so popular. It's pretty cool, whatever the reason for it is. :)


Anonymous said...

kayla is such a sweetie and also a wonderful big sister!I just loved reading all about them!
love ya,

Bonita said...

A very blessed life with those two sweet little people. Thanks for letting us have a peek into their days.

A Captured Reflection said...

You are a great Mum, and I can relate to your stresses (and I have hubby in the country), especially when mine were a wee bit younger. Emma at 6 can be quite stubborn now. Anyway, I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday for August 1st! Will be thinking of you.

much more than a mom said...

Aww, those are awesome!

Carol N. said...

Amazing moments to remember, Michelle! I think I'll have to start doing that too (hope you don't mind if I'm a copycat!)

Jasmine said...

Michelle, I love how to have them repeat things and speak to them constantly. I think I'll be a copycat too if you don't mind. I count with Gabriella going upstairs. It's great to hear some sounds as I count.

Jasmine said...

I meant to say I love how you have them repeat things. Sorry!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Kayla went over to him, put her fist on his chest, signed sorry and as she walked away she said "Thank you Lucas."

That is a take-charge girl!!!

They are so CUTE!

Tausha said...

What a sweetheart. I can just hear it in my head being said. I am sure everyone smiles when they hear her.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Funny the things the kids say. I swear, K- was telling me that she needed pack-a-cheese. She was 2 1/2 and I didn't understand. It took three full weeks to understand that she wanted PRIVACY! (She would just yell PACK-A-CHEESE! and get so frustrated!) We've got privacy down. Now to tackle resternot. (Restaurant.)

Sue said...

What cuties.