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Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Giveaways!

Totally off-topic from the giveaways, but I guess I never really made an "announcement" on the big decision we had to make regarding Joe's upcoming deployment. Yes, we decided to move to MD and stay with my mom while Joe is gone. We were going to move at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb, but as with anything with the military, circumstances changed. We'll now be moving by the end of the year! Yikes! That is creeping up on me faster then I'm ready for! Breathe...breathe...breathe...everything will work out!
Ok, now what you really came here for - some giveaways!
A few months ago I posted about a new website - Mom Select -and the different programs that were available through them that you could sign up for. I recently received a box full of goodies to share with my readers. I like finding out about new products that I otherwise wouldn't have known about!

One of these companies is Mobi Stories - virtual books for kids. Mobi Stories are narrated digital children's books with illustrations and music. I like that they are available on many different media devices - just to name a few - iPhone, iPod, computers, DVDs, MP3's, iTunes and more. The stories are colorful and the narration isn't too fast for children to follow along. They have books available in categories from ages 1-10. You can click on each book and see about a 30-40 second preview of what it's about ... so that gives you an idea if your child would be interested in that story. Best of all? These are affordable! They don't cost any more than books that you would buy in the store; I found books on there from $3.99 - 7.99. This would make a great Christmas gift idea.

Everyone wins! When you sign up you'll get a free book to download called Salsa for Kittens and Puppies. You can also download up to $15.00 of books for free! Just go to Mobi Stories, select your books, then use promotion code BSM160A. I'm stocking up on some of these digital books for our long drive across the country...these will definitely help keep Kayla entertained!

We're not at the age yet where Kayla wants a cell phone (thank goodness!) but for those of you who are looking around for options check out Kajeet - the cell phone for kids. They have rates starting at less than $10 a month. You can program the phone for when calls/texts can and can't get through (such as during school hours!) but calls to and from parents can get through no matter what you have programmed. It even has a GPS Phone Locator so you'll always know where the phone is. They have a special right now with purchase and activation of any handset you'll get a $10 bonus credit at time of activation.

Are you interested in teaching your child a foreign language? Have you heard of Lango - Foreign Languages for Kids? They have language classes in CA, CO, GA, NC, and TX. These classes sound like a very fun and engaging way to learn a second language. They incorporate music, games, art and stories. I have a Lango Adventure Album (Spanish) - Con Cosmo (scroll down to music and you can hear a sample) to give away to one reader.

If you have an HP Photosmart Express Station then I have some free print cards to give away! 2 winners will each receive 30 free 4x6 print cards to be used at any HP Photosmart Express Station.

Last, but not least! If you have a child who likes Build A Bear you can win this cute bear plus a $10 Build A Bear gift card.

If you want to win the Lango CD, HP Photo cards, or the Build A Bear, leave me a comment (make sure I have a way to get in touch with you!) with your order of preference.

Even more giveaways:
Jeanette is having a Thanksgiving giveaway and she's offering a beautiful necklace and earrings set. Just go tell her what you are thankful for!

If you want a chance to win even more great prizes head over to 5 Minutes For Mom's Christmas Giveaway 2008 post - they have a ton of prizes to give away!
Christmas Giveaway Sleigh 240x240

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Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Wow you really have some good finds! I'll step out for these giveaways but I wanted to stop by and say hello.

I can't believe you guys will be moving so soon.

Amy said...

I think I've told you before - but we're also a military family in MD and so if you ever need anything let me know.

As for the giveaway. My list would look like this:

1. Build a Bear
2. Lango CD
3. I wouldn't be able to use the photo prints - so if I won you could give them away to someone else :-)

Bonnie said...

Hi Michelle,
I live in Washington DC, and I actually met your Mom and Kayla in Boston one day. She might remember a "crazy" woman crying coming up to her (and she gave me a hug). I will tell you why another day, but I wanted to tell you we would love to Welcome you to MD and the DC area in general. There is alot of support and things to do here. We look forward to meeting you soon!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Ann Robertson

Nancy M. said...

Cool giveaways! Congratulations on making a decision about moving! I'm sure you'll have everything in order in time to go.

Tracey said...

Hey, Kayla's pic is WINNING over at 5Minutes for Mom's picture contest!!! I was randomly looking through them and saw Her picture and squealed!! Good luck!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

so much fun!!! i am heading over to check out the audio books....my kiddos would love it! i would go in order of pref: lango CD, BAB, photo prints. :)

Chrystal said...

Wow, that IS soon! Congrats on the decision to move though. I know that you put a lot of thought into it.

For the giveaway, I prefer Lango CD, HP Photo cards, then the Build-A-Bear.


Bonita said...

The end of the year??? Wow, that's a lot to accomplish in this holiday season. I wish you the best.

A Life Full of Love said...

Downloaded free book, and now downloading two other books free with the coupon. Thanks so much. And count me in for the build-a-bear. My poor kid has never had the joy of one.


hjoy said...

Wow such cool stuff.
Good luck with the move.

Overwhelmed! said...

Wow you're going to do it...move to MD. I think that's what I would've done, had I been in your shoes. I'm glad you'll be with your mom while Joe is gone. Having that support will help you, I think.

I'm going to miss you though. I know I haven't been deployed to Holloman AFB in a while, but the next time that I go you won't be there. :(

Thank goodness for blogs, at least we can keep in touch that way!

Will you please enter me in your drawing for the bear? I think the kids would love it!

Oh, and I was initially stopping by to let you know that I’m hosting another Favorite Ingredients Friday Soup Edition recipe exchange today! You participated last year and I’d love it if you’d participate again this year with another one of your favorite soup recipes!


chelle said...

How exciting that you will be moving. I am sure the extra help will be wonderful while Joe is gone. How sad that you have to leave your community though :( That is always hard!

Holy giveaways!

1. Build a Bear
2. Lango CD

Theresa said...

The blogger tracking said "Red Lion" but I thought I recognized your blog name.

How are are you from PA...where in MD are you?

Love T

smileymamaT said...

Wow, that's great info - and you are moving to MD! by the end of the year! wow, it's okay, keep on breathing :) my mom lives just south of that area. And the bonus of having the $$ saved up, I would have made that choice too. Good luck!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I think you made a great decision. I wish you all the best with that. You are gonna be super busy between moving and Christmas! Yikes!

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, moving over the holidays...BUSY TIME but it will be nice to be with family.

I would love to be in the giveaway...Build the Bear for Granddaughter Alexys but anything would be nice.

Good Bless!

Laura said...

We'll be praying about your move, and that ALL goes smooth!

Tracey said...

Hope the move goes well ya! Thanks for all the giveaway links! And the boys love build a bear!