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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Neat Websites

Just wanted to share with you a fun new website called NewBaby.com. It's a safe, secure and free site where moms can create, share and learn with video. I really like the Family Video Gallery. You can mark them private to share with select friends and family, or have them marked public. You can store the videos on the site too. They are having a 30 Day Giveaway throughout the month of July when you register. Maybe I'll "see" you around on the site!

I heard about NewBaby.com through another great site - Mom Select. This site was started by Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media.

Here is an overview from the website Mom Select is a platform that allows mothers to choose to participate in marketing programs and creates a place for you to let us know about marketing opportunities in your community. Our mission is to create a bridge between moms and brands. BSM Media offers a variety of ways to engage with companies. They are fun, educational and empowering and allow you to share free samples with friends, host in home parties or review the newest products for moms. Best of all, YOU get to choose the programs!

The programs are: Local Blogger Event, Online Media Campaigns, and Mom Influencer Programs.

I already have a couple giveaways, courtesy of Mom Select, coming up, so be on the look-out!

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Mike said...

Looks like a great site.


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Mindy said...

What a neat website - the videos seem extremely helpful and I like that it's more of a family centered enviroment to post videos. Thank you for passing it on.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I love hearing about this "new fangled" stuff. Of course, hearing about it all makes me feel positively ANCIENT, but I'll get over it. lol

I'll have to let my daughter-in-law know about this. She's been posting little 15 second videos of our granddaughter on her blog, but they're never enough for me. I'm thinking I need to buy her one of those 24 hour baby monitor systems that I can watch live on the internet. lol


Sue said...

What a neat site. Love Lucas with the doll too. So cute. Kayla is such a great big sister!

Sandra said...

Love this Michelle, thanks for the link :)

And hey, if Curt had leave right now, we would have been there for Kayla's birthday party :)