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Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Freebie

This week I received the Schick Quattro Titanium razor, Cascade Complete All-In-One, Mr Clean Magic Eraser, and the Kashi Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie (that was fast!)

Free events:
- Free entrance to hundreds of museums on Sat, Sep 27. Check out Museum Day 2008 to print out an admission card for you and a guest, and to find participating museums.
- You're invited to Geoffrey's Birthday Party Bash at Toys R Us on Sat, Sep 27. There will be fun activities and free gifts intended for kids age 3 and up.
- The free Starbucks for teachers is now available to homeschoolers as well (you will need to present evidence that you homeschool.) Thanks Lori!
- Stop by any Border's on Sat, Sep 27th for a Kids Party - games, story time, activities, and more!
- Free entrance to Disney on your birthday - good for entrance on your birthday in 2009.

For US:
Get a free pack of Strident gum - choose "settle" to fill out the form. (this takes a while to come, but I did get my pack of gum this week.)
Get a free sample of Bertolli pasta sauce.
Request your 3 free samples of Yogi Tea -Meditative Time, Berry Anti-Oxidant, and Mexican Sweet Chili (flavors subject to change.)
Get a free sample of Benefiber Drink Mix
Get free holiday gift cards with recipes from Baker's Joy
Get a free guide to controlling diabetes - Receive a free guide with helpful information, tips, and product reviews.
Sign up with Planning Family and get free samples for baby: FamilyPlanning

For UK:
Get a free sample of Twinings tea.
Sign up for the Kid's Kitchen and get a free personalized wooden spoon.

For Canada:
Get a free sample of Head & Shoulders shampoo.

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Sue said...

Thank you. I found an aviation museum right by us that I think I'll take the kids to tomorrow. And we'll be in Disney for my Dad's birthday so that will be perfect for him!

annie said...

Good stuff Michelle! I got some body wash yesterday and some other things last week. It's fun to get these things in the mail when you least expect them!

Tammy said...

Thank you so much, Michelle, for all of these!
I am going to go get my free home school cup of coffee this weekend, thanks to you! :)

CrackerJacks said...

Thanks for all the freebies!

Anonymous said...

We went to Toys R Us for Geoffrey's Birthday! Thank you for mentioning it! Though K- was afraid to death of Geoffrey, (a fur creature issue), we loved all the cool freebies that we got!

Thanks again!