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Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Freebie

Get 2GB free storage for pictures from Nikon's My PictureTown

For US: Print out the rebate form and get a free box of Just For Men Touch Of Gray

For US: Print out the rebate form for a free bottle of Arm & Hammer Essentials.

For US: Get a free sample of Degree Men Absolute Protection

For US: Fill out the short survey for a sample of Horizon Organic Milk.

For US: Get a free sample of Cottonelle Fresh Wipes.

For Canada: Fill out the form and get free aloe vera products - moisturizing lotion, jojoba shampoo, and heat lotion.

For Australia: Get a sample of Snappy Tom Daily Fish Essentials for your cat.

For UK: Get a free ice tray from Red Square Vodka.

For Worldwide: Join the Huni Club and get a free sample of day and night moisturizers.

For Worldwide: Get a free eraser set from Mailfinity. This looks like a good one for teachers to get.

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Anonymous said...

i came to your site after reading about mccain's pick of VP to see if you had any interesting thoughts, considering her child has DS. very interested in hearing your thoughts..

Christy said...

I came across your blog and wanted to tell you how BEAUTIFUL your children are! You're right - she has amazing, big, blueberry eyes!
I've added you to my blogroll and hope you'll visit me, too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!