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Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Freebie

For US: Submit your information for 3 sample-size flavors of Corazonas chips, plus coupons, recipe ideas, and a heart pendant. Corazonas is a new heart-healthy tortilla chip (I just read about this brand in Redbook).

For Canada (and US): Sign up to get your copy of Sun-Maid Fruit and Sunshine Recipe Book.

For Australia: Get a sample of Little Eyes Gentle Cleansing Wipes for Babies and Children -offer good until March 1st.

For UK: Fill out the form to receive a sample of Tigi Catwalk Headshot Reconstructive Intense Conditioner.

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Tanya said...

The different flavors sound really yummy!!

Kathleen Marie said...

I look forward to trying these. You can also get a free dove hair sample from walmart ☺ http://tinyurl.com/2tsqq6

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Thanks for more freebies Michelle!

annie said...

Love the freebies Michelle! I always think of you when they come in the mail too!

The Adoption Of William said...

Gotta love freebies!!!

Thank you,

William's Mom

Kari said...

Love this freebie. I bet these will be great recipes for the spring-summer picnics we will have SOON. UGH yea long winter lol Spring on the mind.

Once Upon a Dream... said...

Hey Michelle! How's it going? Love the list of names you have as possibilities for your little one! I like the name Liam, the most.

Hugs to Kayla.

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a great thing to do. I met you through the OHOW giveaway. Such a fun idea. Your daughter is beautiful, and the perfect age for reading stories to. I have a free web site with children stories I wrote for my girls when they were small, and there are lots of resources on the sidebar for kids.

The address is:

Hope you two enjoy them.

Blessings, Karen