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Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Freebie

For US: Sign up to receive newsletters from Beech Nut and receive a free bowl and spoon for your little one. (There is a link for a free bib if you're Canadian).

If you don't have a little one you can get a free sample of New NutraSweet

For Canada: Fill out the form and receive a complimentary children's drawing board from Children's Education Fund, Inc.

For UK: Fill out the form for a free colored folder from Jiffex

For Australia: Sorry the Nivea sample is now closed, it worked last night though! So how about 2 free height charts from Nestle NESLAC Toddler Gold.

Please keep this sweet little girl, Ashley, in your prayers as she is in the hospital and is critically sick.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Just letting you know that the promo for Australia (the Nivea) has expired :)

~Allie (from Australia)

Once Upon a Dream... said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you for the freebie links. I've been slowly getting some of the freebie products in the mail.

Oh, Beechnut has an offer for a bib for Canadian if you click on the same link that you have posted and read the small print!!! Just thought you might want to know.

Your and your family our in my prayers.


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Thanks again for freebies.

How are you feeling?

Prayers for Ashley and her family.

Kathleen Marie said...

Thanks for the freebies and the link to Ashley. I hope everything is going well for you! Hugs!

chelle said...

I get to check out the Canadian freebies soon .... weeeee!

Christine said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits.

When I pick Marissa up from the airport I will ask to see if I can get a special pass.

Your comment went straight to my heart.It really meant alot.

Hope you are feeling well. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Sniz said...

Thanks for the freebie ideas. I'm new to the idea and am looking forward to trying it. I don't have babies any more (my youngest turns 9 in a month), but the Nivea sounds interesting...oh wait, I just read that offer expired from your first commenter! Anyway, I am praying for Ashley. I'm glad you put that link on here.

Tammy said...

Just dropping by to say hi and to see how you were doing! :)
I did see that yummy recipe below, too, and that looks delicious! The second recipe I've seen posted today involving turkey and now I can't wait until Thanksgiving! :D

Glo said...

We are praying for Ashley and her family. Also putting her on the prayer chain at our Church.You and your family are in our prayers too.