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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Miscellany

This week Annie is inviting us to travel back to the day you found out you were pregnant.

I've actually posted the stories of both pregnancies already and I think most of you have read them!

Here are the links just in case. When Mommy Talk was going on I did a post on when I found out I was pregnant with Kayla and how I told Joe.

In July I wrote a post on how I found out with this pregnancy and again, how I told Joe.

Karen tagged me for this meme:

Accent: Growing up as a "military brat" and moving around so much I don't think I actually have an accent. When I moved to Germany my freshman year (after living in Massachusetts for almost 7 yrs) I was told I had a New England accent; but I think that is long gone now!

I don't drink: Coffee - blech

Chore I hate: I hate to iron. When Joe irons his uniform I used to ask him to iron a few shirts for me. Then I discovered Downy Wrinkle Releaser and I should invest in stock in this stuff! I love it and hardly need to iron my shirts anymore. I just spray this on and smooth out the wrinkles and I'm good to go!

Pets: We have 2 saltwater fish in our tank right now; but I guess those are really considered Joe's pets!

Essential Electronics: Well my computer of course!

Perfume: Rarely wear it.

Gold or Silver: I really don't have a preference; my wedding ring set is white gold (same as your Karen!)

Insomnia: Unfortunately, yes. There are many nights where I toss and turn and just can't fall asleep while Joe sleeps like a log - lucky him!

Job Title: I guess once you have a child this becomes "mom" doesn't it?! I'm also the Chief Financial Office for our household...along with all of those other domestic duties! I'm an Educational Consultant with Discovery Toys

Most Admired Trait: Geesh I have no idea! Loyalty maybe?

Kids: Well who reads my blog and doesn't know the answer to this one! LOL 1 daughter, Kayla, who is 4 and one due in Feb.

Phobia: Heights and roller coasters (or maybe I should just say amusement park rides!)

Religion: Christian

Siblings: I have one full biological brother. I have a half sister and a half brother. I technically have 2 step-sisters from my dad's marriage, but it's kind of odd actually to think of them as my "step-sisters"...when my dad married their mom we were all out of high school and in our 20s, so we didn't "grow up" together and I think I've only seen them once since our parents have been married!

Time I Wake Up: Whenever Kayla wakes up (usually between 6:30-7:00) but then I bring her back to my bed and snuggle. Sometimes she'll fall back to sleep until 7:30.

Unusual Talent/Skill: I don't think I have any unusual talent!

Veggie I Refuse To Eat: Brussel sprouts and beets

Worst Habit: Procrastinator and running out the door late!

X-Rays: Dental, one on my thumb when I had it slammed in a door, I think I had one of my stomach when I was young and swallowed a coin, and then ultrasounds when I've been pregnant.

My Favorite Meal: I don't actually have any really "gotta have it" favorite meals. I do like my mom's beef stroganoff, my dad's breaded veal cutlets, my MILs sweet potato casserole, and Joe's quesadillas though!

I'll tag - whoever feels like doing this one!

Jodi, Amy, and Chelle have all given me the Nice Matters award. Thank you ladies so much, you all said such nice things about me and I'm flattered!

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PEA said...

Hey, brussel sprouts and beets are good for you!!! hehe I won't eat asparagus..ugh! I so enjoyed reading your answers to the meme...like you, I'm afraid of heights and won't go on any carnival rides. xox

T*mmy said...

It is kind of funny that military kids don't develope an accent...neither of my nephews have one but my sister still has just a trace of her Ky accent but just a trace.
Enjoyed the meme!!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

You are like me Spider is sleeping...dead to the world and I am wide awake.

Kari said...

What is with the lack of brussel sprout love going on around Blogland today? It seems like they are the number one hated vegetable for this meme. I'm appalled, I don't mind telling you. Little mini-cabbage's that taste hmmmm, hmmmmm, good...what's not to love, I ask you? Now beets! There's a whole different story. I agree with you about a thousand percent on the gag-me beets. No one, in their right mind, could possibly love beets. Yeck!

Beck said...

You know, I always thought that I LOATHED brussel sprouts, and then my mil made them SO deliciously that I went back for seconds! So you never know.

Overwhelmed! said...

Umm...I'm with you, brussel sprouts and beets are not veggies I'd eat!

Being from the Midwest origonally, I don't think I have an accent either.

I enjoyed reading your meme responses. I had already read your pregnancy posts. :)

Karen said...


Have you seen this? See above link..I thought it might interest you. You have a winning streak and who knows what else you might get too.

I hate coffee as well, ewwwwwww.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I honestly can't imagine not drinking coffee but I understand therer are some people who hate it. I can't get my eyes open all the way until I have coffee. I totally agree with you about the ironing though. That's why I wear Old Navy tee shirts. LOL

Don't gag, but brussel sprouts are maybe my favorite vegetable. I LOVE them. But if you ever come to dinner, I promise to serve green beans or corn or something. Okey dokey? :-)

Nancy Face said...

I enjoyed your "Time Travel" links so much!

About Kayla: I ♥ the "swimmers" joke! It must have taken such patience to go through 4 pregnancy tests and 2 blood tests!

Your second pregnancy story made me cry. So wonderful! I ♥ the idea of Kayla's "Big Sister To Be" shirt! So cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

chelle said...

You have a preschooler and you do not drink COFFEE?!?!

Tammy said...

This was fun!
When I was a military wife, I lived in Virginia for just three years and developed a big of a southern accent! LOL (There was surprisingly a lot of folks there dripping with southern accents!)

Love brussel sprouts...but beets is one of the only veggies I will not touch with a ten foot pole! :)

Patriot said...

Hi! I came across your site tonight through Overwhelmed with Joy's blog. Your daughter's eyes really are beautiful! I definitely see the blueberry resemblance!

I just wanted to see if you have any favorite American-made products? I'm trying to compile a list of high quality products that are still made in America. I don't make any money or anything off of the products - I just want to see more recognition for American workers, and enable more jobs to stay here in this country. Come check out my site!

Thank you!

Leslie said...

I didn't like coffee until I had Jack and then I NEEDED it to function! I learned to love it with 1/4 cup of flavored creamer...now I'm trying to lose all the creamer weight I put on!


Omaha Mama said...

It may not seem like it to you, but February seems close! Are you showing yet??? I think pictures of the belly will be in order when that sucker pops out!!!

Sue said...

That's a fun meme. I'm certainly not a veggie fan. And I do NOT have the "joysey" accent everyone thinks exists. :)

Congrats on your award. I got that too and have to post on it. I've been busy. :)

Peach said...

I am so with you on the ironing thing. I love Downy Wrinkle Release. It has saved me many a moment at the ironing board. "Spray and go" is my motto!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

you don't drink coffee??? Blasphemy!!! ;)