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Monday, April 23, 2007

Mommy Talk

Jennisa is hosting "Mommy Talk" where every Monday she'll ask a question and you post the answer on your blog - just a way to get to know everyone better! If you want to participate head over to A Little Mommy Talk where you can find out the questions for the next several weeks.

Today's questions are: How did you tell your spouse/sig. other you were pregnant? Was he happy, surprised, upset, worried, etc? How did you feel?

ETA: This is from when I was pregnant with Kayla, not something that just happened :)

So how did I tell Joe, after we had been trying for 13 months, we were finally pregnant? Well being as it was taking so long to get pregnant we had a little joke between us that his ... ummm... swimmers ... just weren't stopping to ask directions! Yeah you need a little humor when you're TTC!

It was a Wed morning when I decided to test. I didn't let Joe know (I was hoping to surprise him). I got up for work, went to the bathroom, p*ed on the stick, and waited, and waited. It felt like I was waiting for several minutes, but in reality it probably hadn't even been 1 minute. I was expecting a line to show up almost automatically and this felt like it was taking too long. With tears in my eyes I shoved it back in the box and threw it under the sink so I could dispose of it later without Joe ever having to know.

I ate breakfast then went back to the bathroom to get ready for work. I had to look at the test again. There! A line! I think it's a line, if I squint and hold it just so under the lights it looks like a line! Could this be a line? Oh shoot, it's been more than 10 minutes though! The box says not to read a test after 10 minutes, how do I know if the "line" showed up within 10 minutes? Guess I'll have to buy another test today. I still didn't tell Joe because I wanted to be sure first.

I left work early and went to the clinic on base to have my blood drawn, of course since it was late in the day they wouldn't have my results until the next day. I went to the BX to buy another test. They had no tests. None! How do you run out of pregnancy tests?! So I went to the commissary and they had one brand (Confirm) so I bought a 2-tester box.

I tested again that afternoon and waited and waited and waited. This time I waited the required 10 minutes but just did not see any line at all. Not even where I tried to imagine one should be - there just wasn't a line. I looked at the first test again to compare and there still seemed to be that faint line there.

This was driving me crazy - it wasn't supposed to be that difficult! I wavered back and forth with whether I should tell Joe or not. I made him a card. On the front it said "congratulations!" Inside it said "You finally had a smart one ask for directions!"

After Joe got home from work I just couldn't keep it in anymore. So I handed him the card. He didn't say anything at first, then he got the biggest smile on his face. Then I felt like I had to burst his bubble. I told him how I wanted to be absolutely sure, but I wasn't so sure, but this had to be it, and oh I just don't know! I was babbling on and on and I finally showed him the first test. He immediately said he could see a line. Then I told him the 2nd test showed nothing. He didn't want to give up hope though and said to just wait and see about the blood test.

So on Thursday morning I take the other Confirm stick and try again. Saw a very faint line after about 6 minutes. I go to work and get a call from the clinic. My results were "equivocal" (there's that word again!) See? This just wasn't going to be easy at all! She told me to wait through the weekend and come back in on Monday; that should give it enough time.

On Friday night I went to my monthly bunco game night and Joe went in to town to find another brand of pg tests. I didn't want the same brand from the commissary and the BX still didn't have any stocked on their shelves.

Saturday morning we both woke up and were laying in bed. Finally Joe asked me, "so are you going to go to the bathroom?" I was too nervous and was trying to put it off as long as I could, but couldn't hold it any longer! I went to the bathroom, took the test, put it on the box on the sink then told Joe he could come in. Without saying a word we both stood there and stared at the test, I think willing it to have a dark line show up so we (I) would feel more confident. Within about 3 minutes it showed up. Finally I could feel like this was it!

Monday morning I went to the clinic and had another blood draw; I received a call a few hours later that yes indeed, I was pregnant. Whew! Who knew it was going to take 4 pregnancy tests and 2 blood tests! And I wasn't testing too early either, I had been charting and temping and I waited to test, I didn't test before I was due.

Needless to say we were both shocked that it finally happened and we were beyond thrilled!

Bet you didn't think a simple question of how I told Joe we were pregnant was going to lead to such a long post now did you!?


Cathy said...

Does this mean???? Or are you talking about when you were pregnant with Kayla?

Overwhelmed! said...

Umm...I think we need some clarification here. Are you writing about your pregnancy with Kayla or is this great news for #2?! :)

Oh, before I forget, I'm doing a book giveaway this week, so if you want a chance to win, be sure to check out the details. :)

Yanneck said...

Princess Kayla is beautifull and very happy..I now it...

Becca said...

What a great story. Mitch and I have been trying for 24 months in earnest. He has hidden the dreaded sticks from me!

Jennisa said...

I was frustrated along with you as I was reading this! Those tests are supposed to be so darn easy, but I think they make them so that you have to buy at least 4! I would have jumped out of my skin waiting that weekend to get the blood test! Let's keep our fingers crossed his swimmers get directions again...sooner than later!

Sue said...

Yup, I never really trusted those tests. I actually got a fals positive once while ttc. Devestating, especially after 2 years of trying. It was a no-name brand. After that, I stuck with First Response. But even with those, with both girls, my numbers from the blood test were really high and the line was SO faint.

Getting pregnancy is not as easy as some like to believe.


laglover said...

Loved reading this! I am completely addicted to First Response. When I hit menopause we will be RICH. =)
That had to be so frustrating...when you want to know you want to KNOW!!

JennaG said...

I loved your story--it's so weird that you couldn't tell for so long on your test--mine showed up immediately every time--especially with the twins.

Nisa said...

I didn't know you made Joe a card. That is so cute and sweet. And funny too. I still remember exactly what I was doing when you called me. You waited until late in the evening though, stinker.
love you.

Sandy said...

This was my first visit to your blog. Your daughter is beautiful! What a smile. :) Great pics!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I loved this story and I totally felt your frustation. I bought the clear blue easy that said "pregnant" if you were pregnant. Can't miss that one. It popped up pregnant and for some reason I was *shocked*. Like how could this happend? We were trying, so hello, what did you think was going to happen?:)

chelle said...

awwww what a sweet sweet story!!!

Tracey said...

:) Love to hear any happy stories, especially about kids and pregnancy. I'll post my stories eventually!

Anonymous said...

Nice story. I remember when you called and told me.You were just so happy. I remember telling you about each of mine also.
Those home test never worked for me. The only way they could tell for me is a blood test.My husband was always upset when I took those home test it came out negative, but when i went to the doctor come to find out i was was 2 months pregnant.I knew I was but then again I would skip a month sometimes.we were so thrilled when the doctor said i was.
love ya,

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I love this story! I remembered the feelings I had when I found out I was pregnant with my kids as I read this. You'll never forget how wonderful it all was, I am praying it will happen again really soon... but maybe without so many tests!!

Much More Than A Mom said...

That's an awesome story!

Air Force Family said...

Love your story Michelle! I also read that you were trying again. I will be praying for you. We're back online and we're reunited with Steve!!!


"Early Bird" said...

I'm so glad it was positive!!

SiouxSue said...

What a story...a good story. I'm so glad you're writing all this down so Kayla will have it someday!

Kim said...

Waiting for the results does seem like forever, but what a wonderful surprise!

Trace said...

Aww I can't imagine the excitement!! :)

S. said...

I got all teary! I love these stories!
We also had some confusion at first with M., and were thrilled when it was confirmed. Poor L., I just cried b/c it was not a good time, in my eyes. Of course now I can't imagine life without him!

jenjerjack said...

What a great story, as i was reading it, i was praying for a "line" even though this happened quite some time ago...LOL
Jo and Jackson