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Monday, April 30, 2007

Mommy Talk

This week's topic over at Mommy Talk is to describe your pregnancy...cravings, sickness, etc.

I'm sorry to disappoint, but my pregnancy was pretty uneventful! It lacked most of the usual known symptoms! Soon after getting that positive pregnancy test I kept waiting for something to happen, to feel like I was pregnant, but for the most part nothing changed.

I had no cravings. Oh sure there were times when I might have said, "oh such-and-such sounds really good right now." But it wasn't a "I need it NOW" craving; there was nothing I had to have all throughout my pregnancy.

Most smells didn't bother me, I had no aversions to food, I didn't suddenly dislike something I've always liked nor like something I never liked before.

I didn't have swollen ankles.

I didn't have morning sickness. There were times I had a stronger gag reflex while brushing my teeth and once that made me throw up, but that was it.

I did have the usual ligament-stretching, achy-crampy tpye of feeling.

Ok I did have a few symptoms...

Hunger. I would bring a few snacks with me to work so I could have something between breakfast and lunch, and after lunch. I remember being so hungry, but watching the clock because I didn't want to eat my snack too early, because lunch wouldn't be for a few more hours. I would be so hungry in the later afternoon too...no matter how much I seemed to eat!

Later on in my pregnancy I would sometimes have the sciatic nerve problem while sleeping.

I wasn't able to roll over in bed so smoothly; it took some effort to get my belly over to the other side. I remember it feeling like a multiple-step process just to go from laying on my left side to my right side and vice versa.

Oh and the leg cramps! Yes those got me. It usually only happened at night and then while I was turning over and stretching. If I stretched my legs too much the cramp would seize my calf and make me sit straight up in bed as if someone lit a fire under me. I wanted to scream out in pain when that happened.

Kayla was born in the summer, but I don't remember feeling miserable in the heat, or at least no more miserable than I was before I was pregnant!

I pretty much loved every day of being pregnant!

On a separate note: Don't forget Amy's scavenger hunt starts tomorrow!


Stephanie said...

Oh man!! I want to take after you in my pregnancy, LOL!

Amy said...

My mom craved ice with me. I wonder if that's why I like to eat it too! I've had a hard time commenting lately so I hope this goes through, but I am not done with the book yet. It takes awhile for me if my hands are hurting to read, but boy is it good. I pretty much have a lump in my throat the whole time I am reading it. My mom wants to borrow it when I am done and then some of my friends do too!

chelle said...

Pancakes .... Oh did I need pancakes when pregnant the first time...Second time not so much! Fun Question!

Sue said...

You know my gf is pregnant now. She has repeatedly say, I want to feel something. I keep telling her to enjoy not feeling sick. :) Glad it was pretty uneventful. Yes, rolling over is tough. I got one of those huge u-shaped pregnancy pillows. That thing saved my life. I'm passing it on to my gf as soon as I see her again. ;)

Tracey said...

Each pregnancy was a little different for me. FYI, the stretched out muscles in the abdomen can become MORE painful with each child... yay...

JennaG said...

OK, no symptoms? I don't think I like you anymore. Name a symptom--I had it.!!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Sounds like you sailed right through it. I never rolled over. I sat up and flopped back down. My hubby loved that :)

Beck said...

I love hearing from women who loved being pregnant - I've had three rough pregnancies, and always wished that they had been an easier time. What a blessing a happy pregnancy is!

Omaha Mama said...

Just read an old post of yours. "Expectations." Loved it. I wanted to read about your early days with Kayla. About finding out she had DS. Loved your story about being pregnant. Pretty similar to mine. Except that I gained about a ton!

You seem so level headed. So cool. I love that you write about being a mommy. Not just about being a mommy to a kid with DS. You know it's part of it and that you write about it sometimes, but it's not all that she is. I love that. A great advocate - but not dwelling on any one thing. The balance in that will serve Kayla well. More than you know.

Once again - great post. Brenna enjoyed looking at her pictures again tonight as I read. "Hey mommy! There's that girl that's got my baby!!!"

Amy said...

Hi. I just came across your blog. I think our kids are about the same age. My pregnancies were awful--good thing parenting is a breeze (ha,ha!).

Mind if I link?


The Barkers said...

I had horrible charlie horses in my calves!

Barb said...

What a sweet thing this is - Mommy Talk.

For me, absolutely the only weird thing was that suddenly the very smell of watermelon make me barf.

Born and raised in southeast Texas, where watermelon is the treat of all treats, and I couldn't be anywhere near it. Disgusting.

Amazingly, my last baby will be 26 years old tomorrow and I still cannot stand to be anywhere near watermelon.

I tell you, pregnancy changes you forever!

Heather said...

Mine was really uneventful too. I guess we were lucky!

Linda said...

What a blessing. Mine were pretty uneventful too. I did crave Chinese food with my second son though. Fortunately he wasn't born speaking chinese :)
I'm praying you will get to do this again some time very soon.

Catch said...

hmmm..I craved everything that didnt eat me first....but didint gain a lot of weight because I vomited it all up...lol.

amy said...

Hope to experience those one day

A Special Family said...

Sounds like a pretty neat pregnancy with the AMAZING Kayla :)

jotcr2 said...

I am with you Michelle. My pregnancy was easy peasy.

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy but craved the KFC Twisters. But all of a sudden at 30 1/2 weeks Aviva decided she was ready to make an appearance!


Nisa said...

Wow, I'm like JennaG. I had just about every "commmon" symptom. Morning sickness (and afternoon and night), I threw up whenever I smelled Shannon's favorite salad dressing, I woke him up almost every night after the first trimester with a charlie horse in my calves and in my neck, surprisingly. Plus, when pregnant with Nate I ate at Subway every day for lunch. To this day my friend who always went with me to lunch doesn't eat subway anymore. Lani pointed out to me one day that my ankles were swollen. I hadn't noticed because I couldn't see my feet anymore. And, I was always feeling hot and light headed, plus the gestational diabetes. But you know what? I still really enjoyed being pregnant. All those symptoms were a little here and there, but not too bad. Everyone would say to me: I bet you're ready to get that baby out of you! And I always said no and how much I was enjoying being pregnant. Of course you know, Rhi was born on her due date and Nate came 10 days early. Maybe I would've been cranky if I had to go a bit longer... Who knows?
This was a fun post. Got me thinking about that wonderful time in my life. I'll have to show this one to Rhi and Nate.
love you!!

Sara said...

Same as mine with Nathaniel, I had no morning sickness, a bit nausious (sp) he didnt kick alot either, just rolled from side to side..I LOVED being pregnant and wanted to show ...most people didnt see I was pregnant till I was 7 mths :p

Brandy said...

Howdy Michelle!! I came here from Amy's Scavenger Hunt (everyone there says hello!) -- I picked your blog as the one I'd never been to cuz the name of your blog sounded interesting. Your daughter is beautiful!!

Blessings to you!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I had 24 hour sickness with both of mine but it ended around 3 months, so, not too bad. With Eve I craved a Burger King cheeseburger. Once. that was all it took. I haven't touched one since. With Judah it was fudge bars. They were fat-free so it was a much indulged-in treat.

I love these Mommy Talk segments! Sounds like you had a wonderful pregnancy! Now you have wonderful Kayla. You certainly came out a winner!


Beth~ said...

wow...you were lucky to have a good pregnancy...those leg cramps were TERRIBLE!! I sure don't miss those in the middle of the night!!