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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

What a week it's been! It's quiet in my house right now - Kayla is in bed and Joe's at work so I'm taking this time to reflect back on my week for my Sunday Grains of Gratitude.

1. Of course I'm most grateful that Kayla's surgery for ear tubes went well and no complications. I'm grateful for all the prayers that were said for us. I'm grateful Joe was able to go with us to the hospital, not only for moral support, but because Kayla is a handful! I know you all don't believe me, because this adorable daughter of mine has you all fooled and wrapped around her fingers! You all think she is so sweet & nice & calm & easy-going & happy. Well you try taking this child of mine to a doctor appointment! Then you'll see the other side of her! She hates doctor appointments. She doesn't throw an all out temper tantrum with loud screaming, but it's pretty obvious she is not happy. She tries to get away, shakes her head, yells no, wriggles around, waves her arms at you, won't sit still. She doesn't like her temp, blood pressure, pulse-ox or anything like that taken. Doesn't like to get on a scale (actually she did that just fine this time) doesn't like them to touch her at all. There is no reasoning with this child and trying to make her understand it's not going to hurt. She didn't want the identification tags on her wrists, or ankles. Even after the nurses made tags for her baby doll and Henry dog. It's emotionally draining to say the least. So yes, I'm grateful Joe was there! And that it's all over with.

2. I'm grateful our spouses' group had a game night on Wed. Not a lot of people showed up, but for the few of us that did we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves!

3. I'm grateful for the generosity of blogging friends. Not only did Jennifer from Pinwheels contribute a copy of the Gifts book to my contest, she also sent me a few books as well! One is a book she edited and contributed to titled "My Heart’s First Steps: Writings that Celebrate the Gifts of Parenthood" and 2 books written by her husband Tom Groneberg. I enjoy having great books around to read so thank you Jennifer and Tom!

4. I'm grateful I decided to participate in the One World One Heart contest and that there was such a positive response of those interested in wanting to read the Gifts book. I'm grateful 4 copies of the book will be making their way into the hands of some wonderful ladies out there! Connie, Amy, Melanie, and S. - congrats again on winning!

5. Another reason I'm grateful I participated in the giveaway was because I won 3 prizes! Whoo hoo! I won a cute hair bow made by Miranda (mom to the adorable Shaylee who also has that extra chromosome!) at Sweetest Cherry In An Apple Pie. I can't wait to see how it looks in Kayla's hair (and if she won't keep it in now I'll save it for when she's a little older!). I won this gorgeous painting from Sandy (who is also a military spouse) at Dream Create Inspire, and then I won this beautiful necklace and earring set from Nici at Art Shaped World. She's also had a story published in a compilation book called A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Autism.

Yes it was a great week and I hope yours was too!

PS - Joe is grateful I picked up Banana Pudding flavor ice cream from Blue Bell Oh my goodness this is delicious! (From their website: Banana ice cream perfectly blended together with whipped topping and vanilla wafers.). You know me and my history of ice cream (remember this post I did of the ice cream places you can sign up for and get free coupons etc?) So of course I did some looking around on the Blue Bell site and found out that if you join Blue Bell you'll get a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon of ice cream for your birth month. I'm signing all 3 of us up for membership! Hello free ice cream!


Anonymous said...

And I am more than greatful to have you as my wife and Kayla for our daughter, I couldn't ask for a more wonderful family! :-)

ohh and for those of you wondering .... ice cream?!?!? If you like bannana pudding then, YES it's that good ... well at least to me!!! :)


Nisa said...

Okay, Banana pudding ice cream is a flavor I would really enjoy, and I don't eat much ice cream. Hahaha! Out of everything you posted about, I responded to the ice cream part first. I didn't know you won 3 prizes! I only knew about the jewelry. That's great. Yes, Kayla has us all wrapped around her little fingers, but I don't mind. I say the same thing about Rhi and Nate. They're handfuls but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm sure that even with Kayla being a handful you'd say the same. She's just got the best personality and she's not afraid to let you know when she doesn't like something.

Jeff and Michelle said...

I will really have to check into this ice cream freebie! I ate ice cream tonight, and that is a big indulgence for me, but it is a great treat once in awhile!

Thanks for the tips, your blog is just so full of fun things!

amy said...

That ice cream sounds yummy..Im glad everything went well

LauraJ said...

Finally I can post!! I've had a chance to catch up on most of your posts. Kayla has grown since we've been away. Her hair? Oh it's adorable! As if it'd be any other way! oh and look Joe left a comment...I'm going to swoon...you trully are blessed with beautiful and wonderful people around you!

Beck said...

I'm so glad Kayla came through her surgery okay - I'm not sure if I was able to post that day, but I know how my youngest is around doctors, and you're not alone in having a child who is frightened! My baby freaks out when her head is gently measured every month - we have no idea why.
You've had such a lucky streak this week - how fun!

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, how sweet that Joe left you a comment! What a dear husband he is. :) I'm glad he was there for you with Kayla's surgery.

How neat that you won all those prizes! Hooray! :)

JennaG said...

I am all about some Blue Bell ice-cream. I signed up as soon as I saw your link. If you like coffee--the Mocha Almond Fudge flavor is to die for!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Yummy on that ice cream...definitely will have to sign up.

Good to hear how well Kayla is doing.


Sara said...

Great list! And Michelle, you have got to be one of the luckiest people! Hmm I used to HATE Banana pudding when I was a kid, but now I like it :p Not sure I would like it as an ice cream tho ...

chelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful week despite the surgery! I am so glad to read that all went well. Mmm ice cream!

Princess Morgan said...

We are very grateful Kayla did well with her tubes. Oh, the worries of a mother. Gotta love her spirit! Happy Sunday!

PEA said...

Kayla is a typcial little girl so of course she would give you a hard time at the doctor's! lol I remember when my boys were that age and all the bribing that would go on to get them to go! hehe I'm just so happy it all went well for Kayla. Well geez, it's no wonder I didn't win anything in the Giveaway, you won them all! LOL Wow you certainly did well, congratulations my friend!! Very well deserved! I think I would love that ice cream as I love banana pudding...and we have Joe's stamp of approval in the first comment!! lol Love it! xox

Barb said...

You're right - she has all of us wrapped around her little finger. Big time!

I don't blame her for hating the doctor appointments. Not too fond of them myself.

I always love reading your grains. You always have so many things to be thankful for.

Barb said...

I just saw your hubby's comment. How sweet is that! :-)

Linda said...

The ice cream coupon sounds like a great idea. I'm not crazy about banana flavor, but I have a feeling I could find one I am crazy about!!
I'm glad all is well with Kayla's ears. I know what you mean about hating doctor visits. My usually very complacent son used to have a fit the minute his little bottom hit that paper on the examining table. I used to wish they'd ask me to leave - but no such luck :-)
It's been a good week. God is good.

Omaha Mama said...

Free ice cream. Genious.

Hey - no pressure on the music thing. And I've seen lots of ones with kids' music. It's Kayla's blog, really...isn't it? Why couldn't you do 7 of her faves? I'd be that way on books, if I was to list adult books. If they are not childrens' books or ones for work - forget it!

I am glad everything went okay with her tubes. I had to chuckle, at you saying that she hates the doc. My little Brenna has been blessed with good health and has really only been to the doctor for well-baby/well-child exams. Her baby brother, on the other hand, has had it all. She gets JEALOUS when we take him to the doctor and so the doc takes a look in her ears, listens to her heart, etc. so she'll stop having a tantrum that she's not there to see the doctor for herself. She'll actually fake being sick. You just can't win, can you?!

Love your grains of gratitude, I may have to start in on that one - I believe in the power of being grateful.

Much More Than A Mom said...

Aw, a comment from Joe! Yay!

Tammy said...

That ice cream sounds great...I wish we could get it in Ohio!
Thanks for being a blessing to one and all this week with the give away!

SiouxSue said...

Sounds like, although busy, you guys are crusin' right along doing well! Good for you! I gave up ice cream for Lent, but, hey, it's past the half-way mark!

Air Force Family said...

I'm glad Kayla made it through her surgery okay. Banana Pudding ice cream! Sounds de-lish. Enjoy your prizes!

Tracey said...

Sounds as though you've got a lot to be grateful for! And what a sweet post by 'anonymous' =)

Your daughter is beautiful! But I can relate to the handful issues, lol!

And the ice cream tips? MMmm....glad I came by today to see that!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Woo for the surgery.. Woohoo for the 3 prizes.. WOOHOO for the nice comment from your Hubby :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I love your Sunday posts- so uplifting. Glad you all had a good week despite the doctor ordeal. That ice cream sounds awesome! I made a banana cream pie the other day- don't think I didn't have the thought of eating it all myself.
Thanks for sharing your great week with us, and Yay! for winning prizes!


Anonymous said...

You have the cutest little girl. I know what you mean about how no one can imagine that sweet little girl being a handful, lol. I have 3 girls and a boy and I went through the exact same thing. Take care.

Sandy G.

Kari said...

I am happy to read Kaylas tube surgery went well. Sorry I haven't been blogging and missed the whole thing. I completley Empathize with the Dr. visit behaviors. Tristan sounds just like kayla in that area. At least they are quiet about it. :) I took Tristan to get his photos done at Wallmart and he thought we were at the Dr. After a half hour of comprimizing and differant kinds of lolly pops I got one photo LOL cheapest visit for photos ever.

Jessica said...

Wow, I've never heard of banana pudding flavored ice cream!! Sounds good to me!

Great list this week!

Jenny said...

Yay! I'm so glad her surgery went well.

What a relief!

Amy said...

How can that sweet precious beautiful girl of yours be a handful at the doctors? LOL!

I so want some of that ice cream right now, thank you very much. My G'ma made delicious banana pudding. Do you guys add extras to your ice cream?

And yay for us that win prizes!! I am so looking forward to reading the book! Thanks again Kayla for picking my name!

Catch said...

mmm...banana ice cream sounds yummy!!!!

I dont blame Kayla, I dont like them touching me at the Doctors either! I am glad you had Joe to help you, do you suppose he would go with me on my next trip? lol

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Kayla got through her surgery okay. I can't blame her about the doctor's visit no one likes to go!I sure don't. Your godchild would see the white coats and start crying right away! She would wiggle and say no just like Kayla.
Wow, that is great you winning three prizes! sounds like a good week.
I'll have to look for that ice cream my girls love banana pudding.
love ya,