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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Speaking of ice cream...

In my "indulegence" post about ice cream I noticed in the comments people mentioned places like Cold Stone and Dairy Queen.

I wasn't sure if everyone out there knew about the birthday clubs you can sign up for at these places?

For instance at Cold Stone you get a Free "Love It" size creation (the medium bowl size)

At DQ you get a Buy One Get One Free Blizzard for joining the Blizzard Fan Club. Upon joining they send you an email to print out a coupon for a B1G1 Free, and you also get one on your birthday.

At Baskin Robbins you get a Free 2.5 oz scoop

All of these are emails sent to you and then you print out the coupon.

Just wanted to share the love of ice cream :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am impressed with all of your ice cream finds. We too love ice cream at our house. In fact, two half gallons go very quickly with six of us.

We all create our own little version of delight by doing things like adding chocolate sryup or peanut butter-as if we don't already have enough fat and calories by simply eating ice cream alone.

I hope you are able to partake in a few of these wonderful dessert treat finds yourself.

Barb said...

I'm thinking someone loves ice cream. Sounds like you know all the best places to get it!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my 100th post. Was it the ice cream that brought you out of your coma? :-)

Tracey said...

Ohhh... Ice cream.. I have 2 coupons for Cold Stone Creamery for a free Kids' creation with adult creation... I haven't ever been there before, cuz I hear it's expensive and I want to be able to really enjoy it. :)

K.T. says peace said...

I love soft serve...so anywhere that will give me that.....I am game

amy flege said...

holy smokes... after reading this, you have me convinced you really are a ice cream lover~~~lol!!!!

Catch said...

I might have to join the blizzard fan club...I LOVE butterfinger blizzards...ever had one???? Try it!

PEA said...

Well I'll be darned...I have a Dairy Queen here within walking distance of my house and yet I never knew about the club...sheesh!! I'll look into this pronto!! hehe Thanks Michelle:-)

Nisa said...

Dang, you sure do love ice cream. We have a Cold Stone here... I'll have to check that out. Rhi-Rhi and Nate thank you. ;)

Michelle said...

RNP - You might want to sign up for the birthday clubs for your kids...they would enjoy the free ice cream :) Unfortunately we only have a Baskin Robbins near us...the other places we have to out to Las Cruces - 45-60 min away.

Barb - Your 100 post was fun and interesting to read! It didn't induce a coma :)

Tracey - It might seem a little expensive, but wait till you see the amount of ice cream they pack into those bowls! Goodness it's a lot - you do get your money's worth!

KT - mmmm soft serve is good!

Amy - yeah ok, I'm embarrassed now LOL

Catch - I've never had the butterfinger one, but the strawberry cheesequake is really good! DH is partial to the brownie batter mix one!

Pea - well if ya like Blizzards you should join the club!

Nisa - I bet the kids would enjoy the cold stone...they have yummy mixins!

chelle said...

Wow....This is bad!! hehe!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

MMMMM...we had Coldstone last night and I thought of you. It was delicious. Hmm perfect timing my birthday is next week. LOL!!


Michelle said...

Chelle - yeah I guess I should join ice cream anon or something!

Dori - Thanks for thinking of me as you were enjoying that delicious cold stone! What kind did you get?

Much More Than A Mom said...

You rock! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blizzards! In fact, dessert tonight was a small Crispy Crunch blizzard. Mmmmmmm.

O Mama Mia said...

This is almost too evil to know about. I'd just go from one to the next all day on my birthday.

Dark Elf said...

Being an ice-cream "indulger" myself, I thank you for this info from the bottom of my heart....as well at the heart of my bottom tee hee.

PEA said...

I joined the Blizzard club and got my print out coupon...woohoo!! lol

Michelle said...

Much More - We love blizzards here too - but both of our DQs in town closed down! Bummer!

Mama Mia - thank goodness they don't all expire on your birthdate though - so you don't have to use them all on the same day LOL

Dark Elf - happy to help you indulge :)

Pea - Enjoy your blizzard and think of me - as I've mentioned we don't have a DQ near us anymore!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the link to Cold Stone! I filled it out for everyone in my family. We love going there :)

Miranda said...

Thanks for the info...Free Ice cream is the best!