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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

Since my best friend is here visiting it would seem appropriate to type about what a treasure our friendship is, but I already talked about her in a previous Treasure Tuesday a few months ago.

So my treasure instead is: Books, books, and more books! We have so many books around this house and all 3 of us like to read! Joe reads Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan, I read almost anything and thank goodness Kayla is following in our footsteps!

Here is Kayla's "bookshelf"

Yes I see she still has room for more books! She loves to bring us book after book after book to read to her. Or sometimes she'll bring two books - one for you to have and one for her to have.

Here is our bookshelf. I'm currently reading Dean Koontz' new one "The Husband."

For more treasures visit Faith.


Pamela said...

Michelle, hope your and your friend Nisa are having fun catching up! It is so nice she was able to come. Glad to hear that sweet little Kayla shares you passion for reading...cute! :)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

I want to come to your house...I LOVE books...I am a book addict, that is my addiction. I love to buy books, read them and share with my friends. Aviva has a ton of books already.

Have fun with your friend.


The Roaming Southerner said...

I love books too...my husband and I are ADDICTED to buying them at library booksales (so cheap!). I hope we can hook our kids into books when we have them. If you have any secrets, I would love to hear them!

Christina said...

I also love books. I miss BArnes & Noble so much! My german is not good enough to master books yet, and I am out of English and Swedish books. i will have to stack up next week. Cool treasure! Enjoy your friend's stay.

Christina said...

I also love books. I miss BArnes & Noble so much! My german is not good enough to master books yet, and I am out of English and Swedish books. i will have to stack up next week. Cool treasure! Enjoy your friend's stay.

Christina said...

don.t know how I did that, but I just posted twice :-)

Mike said...


My wife just finished reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. She’s now reading Erma Bombeck’s At Wit’s End.

My 3-year old reads—or, more accurately, nags me until I read to him—Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC by June Sobel and Henry Cole. He also “reads” the adventures of Caillou, the Backyardigans and Batman.

My 1-year old smiles and hands me the adventures of Pooh and Tigger for me to read aloud. If I don’t, he’ll nibble on the pages.

Me? I’m reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo, How to Be a Pirate as translated by Cressida Cowell and any psychology book I could get my hands on.

The first three books I read for leisure. The last book I read in an attempt to find out if there is a mental disease to explain why our garage is still half-filled with books I promised my wife to either donate or put in a neat bookshelf in the family library.

I’ve been promising that for the past … well, two years now.

My wife thinks I'm lazy. I think it's more complicated that that, don't you think?


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Overwhelmed! said...

I love books as well! We have so many books, it's not even funny. I'm trying really hard to make more use of the library, rather than buying more books. :)

Oh, in answer to the question you posed about the book I'm currently reading, Black Like Me, it's a non-fiction book. It's written in a diary format, each entry dated. It starts with October 28, 1959 and goes through August 17, 1960 and has an Epilogue at the end. It's a fascinating book thus far!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eunice... Enjoy your time with Michelle, Joe and Kayla. :) Isn't it fun to be able to read books that you want to READ and thoroughly enjoy the experience of just reading for pleasure!!!! and to escape to another place/time from your every day life. For Kayla just learning about the world and all that it offers in color , movement, sight, sounds and imagination!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy, love MOm

Jessica said...

Have a great time with you friend!

Books are such a treasure. We started Joey's book collection while I was pregnant with him. One can never have too many books!

PEA said...

My oldest son Shawn is the book lover in my family...from the time I can remember he loved to read and now has quite an impressive collection of books! I used to read all of Dean Koontz' books...will have to start catching up on all his latest!

Barb said...

I read The Husband earlier this summer and I loved it. It's kind of funny. I buy his books because my daughter's a huge fan and I can give them to her when I'm done. So it's like getting two books for the price of one. Or something.

You know what? I really appreciate the remark you left of my long long post about getting my blog act together. I had to do something and it was hard but it helps to know people understand. So thank you for being so encouraging. And I'll be back, of course. :-)

PS- One thing I know absolutely for sure is that books and the love of reading are two of the best gifts you can ever give your child. So good for you, Mommy!

Tracey said...

I am a book addict, too. Great treasure!

Anonymous said...

Miss E loves books too!

Much More Than A Mom said...

I love books too! I read everything from story books to young adult novels to Stephen King. My husband reads the same stuff as Joe. I've tried to get into it but I'm not a fantasy person I guess.

Catch said...

I love reading too, I just bought 5 new books today! lol.I think I am addicted to books! I want to get that new one by Dean Koontz too! Is it good?

Tammy said...

Books are a great treasure!

I belong to a book club at church and just posted my Fall into Reading challenge post. Blogging has slowed me down a bit, but like Barb, I'm trying to balance it all right now a bit better.

Oh, and Kayla's bookshelf looks alot like my girls' bookshelf!

Tammy and Parker said...

Books are indeed such a treasure! Each payday my dad used to take me to the Stars and Stripes on base and let me pick out books!

Great TT!

Shelley said...

We love books in the 'shams too! ALthough for a while there Phil and I thought we should go heckle Mem Fox (fabulous childrens book author who is always telling parents to read to their kids) because ours were and still do drive us crazy asking to read books together! I have just finished The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night by M Haddon and have passed it on to my hubby to ready - it was very good. Enjoy the wonderful world that books help us to explore.

mum2brady said...

Great treasures Michelle. We love books too - every kid has a bookshelf full of them, and every time we get book orders I buy more - my hubby just shakes his head ;) Books truly are treasures - what can be more magical than going off on the grand adventures in their pages :) Thanks for sharing! Hope you're having a great time with Nisa!!!

chelle said...

Books are the ultimate treasure in our household too!!!

Hope you have a blast with your friend!

Deb said...

I love books too, and my boys have books coming out of their ears. Ever read Black Creek Rising? It's wonderful!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Oh definitely yes! We have books everywhere! I see that your self is double stacked! :0)

"Or sometimes she'll bring two books - one for you to have and one for her to have"

How cute!

Hope you;re enjoying the visit with your best friend.

Kari said...

Hey stranger, Just popping by to say hi.
Tristan is a huge fan of books. He is so lucky he has two older sibilings and they have now handed down there books and if you add his new ones to the shelf he has quite the collection. :)

LeslieAnn said...

That is a great one!

I just finished Velocity by Dean Koontz! I'm a fan of his too! Although I am always freaked out while I'm reading his books!

Isn't it great when Kayla brings books to you? That always makes my day when I get a book brought to me! :)

Stephanie said...

Just wanted to let you know that Thursday's Trivia Challenge is up and ready for you!!

LauraJ said...

I love books too!! I've had to downsize books though many times because I was running out of space. Thankfully my local library was the recipient of many of my books. Unfortunately I'm kicking myself for having donated them! I wish I had kept them!! Especially all my craft books.

K.T. says peace said...

I am an avid reader also and Kendall loves to look at books.People joke around and call us the "library" I have obtained a collection of over 2,000 childrens books and over 600 regular books....LOL,My kids should never be bored!