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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

My treasure for today is my best friend Nisa.

We've known each other for 20 years this year. We met in the 7th grade and were pretty much best friends from the start.

But the thing is we only lived near each other for 2 years...just 2 years...and yet we've remained as close as if we lived down the street from each other all these years. As if we get together almost every day, as if we go shopping together, and out to lunch, have playdates with our kids, spend holidays together. But no, those are only things we wish we could do together on a regular basis.

Both of our fathers were in the military so we met on a military base. That means we were both bound to move. When you grow up in the military your friends come and go and you just get used to that. You accept the fact that you'll probably never see most of your classmates again and that you'll lose touch. (Well not so much today because of the internet!)

We only had 7th & 8th grade together and then I was gone that summer for Germany. And we parted on a bad note. I did something, that young teenagers sometimes do, that almost cost me this friendship. Being overseas it was not easy to mend a friendship (remember this was before the time of computers and internet!) We had to communicate the old fashion way through postal mail! So I begged her forgiveness through a letter or two and she reluctantly accepted. She did make me pay though by saying she just didn't know if our friendship could ever be the same again and we might just have to start over. We could try to be friends but she didn't know if we could ever be "best" friends again. Ha! 20 years later :)

When I finally moved back to the states it was to NJ. She had moved to PA, (and I was able to attend her graduation) but then her father got orders to Japan. I moved to MD, she moved to TX. I moved to CO she was still in TX. I moved to NM she moved to UT...and now she's back in TX again.

We've managed to see each other over the years whenever we could visit. We were in each other's weddings, I was visiting when she gave birth to her first child -who happened to be born on my birthday - how many best friends would do that for you!? (No she didn't actually go so far as to plan to labor all day on the 31st only to hold out until after midnight on the 1st just so her daughter could share my birthday!), she was able to come out for my baby shower and again after Kayla was born.

And we still hope that one day we will live close enough to just "drop by" for a visit...so until then here's to 20 more years of visits and emails and phone calls!

This picture is on the day of my baby shower:


Jess said...

AAwwww.... sweet! Its such a blessing to find a true friend that sticks with you. Since we're just starting our family, and Hub is going for the 20 years Active duty, its nice to hear stories & feelings of other people that were raised military-style :) PS You looked GREAT being pregnant! I'm jealous!

Overwhelmed! said...

What an awesome treasure! I have friends like this too. A dear college friend of mine lives thousands of miles away. We haven't lived in the same city for over 10 years but when we still manage to nurture our friendship and when we see each other it's as if we were never apart!

I've posted a treasure as well. Stop by and have a peek! :)

mum2brady said...

That is such a treasure Michelle - best friends that last a lifetime are few and far between, I'm glad you have one in Nisa :) How cool that you get to see each other still too! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

my treasure is my twin sister Debbie,aka, great aunt grandma debbie...:) she is there for me always...she even came up this past weekend to be with me and to see my wig and even tried it on (mirror image) so I could see what it really looks like I me.. It looked great!!! she looked beautiful in the wig!! Just have to tone down the color, it is to white blond for us.. :) Michelle that is truly beautiful what you wrote about Nisa...She is truly a true friend.... love mom

Tracey said...

I too have a friend that has stuck with me for years and years and over many moves. She and I only lived in the same town for a year, but have managed to stay close anyway. Great treasure!

chelle said...

ok that is the ultimate treasure for sure!!!!!

Friendships like that are rare, make sure you treasure it!

Nisa said...

Meesh!! I have been checking out your blog every day... I must've checked early, before you posted this and believe me, I was bummed that you hadn't posted since Saturday... So, I got your e-mail and checked here again before bed and imagine my surprise when I saw that you listed me as a treasure of yours. I love you very much! I couldn't have asked for or even designed a better friend for me than you. I don't know what I would do with out you!!! I'm soooo glad I "reluctantly" accepted your apology all those years ago. haha! We were so silly then. I miss you a lot! Thank you for your friendship. Here's to 20+ more years!
love, Nisa

Nisa said...

P.S. now I'm all weepy!!

Kari said...

True friends surley are hard to find. What an awsome treasure. You looked too cute pregnant :)

Anonymous said...

my best friend, I have known her for 52 years, is my twin sister, Donna. We are always there for one another thru thick and thin and it is sooo wonderful!

Angie said...

You're right a good true friend is definitely a treasure. Good for you on letting her know!